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Please Help Checking out "Hold" DVD

Hello, Please help me check out a hold dvd. I have this item ready to be picked up, but I'm out of town until Sunday 11/29 at night. Is possible for you to please check out the item for me on Tuesday? Tuesday 11/24 is the last day that my dvd can be on hold until. This way I will have 1-2 days to watch it before I have to return it back. I thought I froze it, but I must have missed it somehow. Please check this dvd out for me and put in the back room. I will come in on Monday 11/30 to pick it up and return it on due date (Tuesday). Thank you very much for your help.

CPL Named as One of America'sTop Libraries

The Canton Public Library has again been identified as one of America's top-rated libraries by Library Journal. For the second straight year, the library received a three-star rating, one of only two libraries in Michigan to get a rating. The rating is based on data for per capita circulation transactions, visits to the library, computer sessions and program attendance.

For more information or to read the entire press release, click on the attachment.
StarLibrariesCPL2009.pdf29.17 KB

Whoops-a-daisy World

Doctor Meow's Big Emergency is an adorable story about a cat who works as a Dr. at the Kiss-It-Better Hospital and about Woof, the ambulance driving dog. When Tom Cat falls from a tree while chasing Mr. Bird, he calls on Dr. Meow to fix him up. The illustrations in the book are fantastic and have lots of humorous little details to keep you and your little one laughing from cover to cover.
This is the first book in a series called Whoops-a-Daisy World. Check the official website for more information.

Oh PLEASE...No More Parched Parents!

If you have read Book #6 in The 39 Clues series you will know what I am talking about. Maybe it started with Harry Potter, but A Series of Unfortunate Events definitely fried the poor orphans parents. Teen books have long been notorious for killing off the parents, but now it is becoming increasingly standard fare for fantasy/sci-fi books for younger readers. As if the poor orphans don't have enough challenges with their quests and learning to discern real friends and guides from evil posers out to thwart their success, they are now burdened with guilt since their parents were torched trying to save them. So, I think there should be a moratorium on flamed or zapped or variously incinerated parents in kids/tweens/teens books. I mean, seriously, there have got to be more ingenious ways to get the parents out of the picture!

Shiver is my new Twilight

Shiver by Maggie Stievfater has all the elements I loved about Twilight. This fast paced story is complete with supernatural romance, action, adventure, and teenage anxiety. This will be one of those books all your friends will be talking about, so get your hands on a copy now.

It Pays to Recycle at Local Retailers

Beginning November 1st Target will give a 5¢ discount for every reusable bag customers use to pack their purchases. Over the next three weeks CVS will also roll out a similar program in its stores. Participating CVS customers will receive $1 cash bonus on their CVS card every four times they buy something but don't request plastic bags. Smaller retailers such as Trader Joe's, Hiller's and Whole Foods have been offering financial incentives to re-use bags for some time. With large retailers like Target and CVS following suit the two programs could keep billions of plastic bags out of the environment and nudge other big retailers to take similar steps.

[Photo courtesy of AP Images]

If you ran away and joined the circus, which circus job which you most like to do?

Snake Charmer
5% (1 vote)
Flying Trapeze Artist
45% (10 votes)
Lion Tamer
9% (2 votes)
Strong Man
9% (2 votes)
Tightrope Walker
14% (3 votes)
Ring Master
18% (4 votes)
Total votes: 22

New Addition to the Copy Center: Optelec Viewer

The Canton Lions recently donated a new Optelec Viewer to assist Canton Public Library patrons who have low vision by magnifying text, pictures, and other physical items. The Optelec Viewer is a very powerful closed-circuit television magnifying reading system. Our thanks to the Canton Lions for their generous donation to the community!

2009 Design Excellence Award

Canton Public Library is the proud recipient of a Design Excellence Award for commercial landscape. The award was presented to the library by the Canton Committee for Community Excellence. The colorful READ berm, on the east side of the library facing Canton Center Road, was recognized by the Committee as promoting community pride. The library strives to be a pleasant, welcoming environment for the many patrons who visit. (A special thanks to Reliable Landscaping of Canton which does a wonderful job of taking care of the library grounds, especially the ladies who take care of the READ flowers.)

Haunted Michigan

Don't you just love chasing after the spirits? For website links to information on haunted houses in Westland, Wayne, Canton, Plymouth, Ann Arbor, Detroit and other areas, see this Haunted Houses website. For an alphabetical city list of haunted sites in Michigan that explains why each is haunted, see Shadowlands Haunted Places Index. Check out the parapsychology section of our library for researching spooky phenomena. Have fun ghostbusting this Halloween!

Michigan Fall Colors

It's that time of year when 19 million acres of woods slowly explode in a frenzy of color. It's when an entire state is in its annual blaze of glory. It's when autumn arrives in Michigan. And there's no better place to see the dynamic colors of a trillion trees aflame than along our highways, country roads and coastlines. So let's head out to the forests. And let's prepare to be amazed, on the fall color tours of Pure Michigan.

Rodan and Fields Dermatologists, Independent Consultant, Cheryl Phillps

This is an old version. The current version of this record is no longer maintained at Canton Public Library. View the most recent version at CantonWiki.
24 hours/day
Cheryl Phillips

Rodan and Fields Dermatologists brought in the best and brightest from around the country to help YOU succeed as a consultant.

Start today:

Lori Bush, President and General Manager

Lori Bush joined Rodan + Fields as President and General Manager in October of 2007. With more than 25 years experience in the consumer and health care products industries, Lori is responsible for overseeing the brand’s entrance into the direct selling arena. A seasoned direct selling leader, Lori previously served as President of Nu Skin International, the $500 million personal care division of Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc., (NSE), a global direct selling company operating in more than 40 markets around the world. During her tenure with the company, Lori acted as a global spokesperson for the brand while leading the marketing, operations and research and development functions.

Robert Henry, Strategic Business Advisor

Robert "Bob" Henry joined Rodan + Fields as Strategic Business Advisor in January 2009. With over 35 years of management and consulting experience in the direct selling industry, Bob will partner with the Rodan + Fields executive team working on strategic development and brand building. Most recently, Bob served as CEO of Arbonne International, a direct-selling skincare company, and was integral in driving the company’s phenomenal growth. Prior to his tenure at Arbonne, Bob was CEO for Mannatech, Inc. and has held various executive positions at Amway and Avon, as well as in the communications, investment and apparel industries.

Christian Diaz, Vice President, Sales

Christian Diaz joined Rodan + Fields as Vice President of Sales in February of 2009. Diaz brings over three decades of experience in marketing, sales, and business development, with particular expertise in the direct selling industry and in the international and domestic Hispanic Market. Prior to joining Rodan + Fields, Diaz served as President and Sr. Consultant of Diaz & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in marketing strategies targeted at the US Hispanic Consumer and International Latin American markets. Previously, Diaz held the position of Co- Founder and Sr. Executive VP of Interkard International, a debit-cash-card company, and Executive VP of XENO Development, Inc. Earlier in his career, Diaz served as Director of Creative Services and VP of Marketing for the Eastern Division and National Hispanic Market at AmeriPlan USA, after previously forming Source Four Creative Services , which provided creative direction and strategic marketing and advertising services to a number of Fortune 500 clients. Diaz has served on both the Congressional and Senate Hispanic Advisory boards and is a recipient of various Addy Awards in Advertising and Marketing Campaigns.Everyone wants great skin

Varies based on regimen

Breaking through the glass counter
Start your own business today and become recession-proof.

As Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields created their new Rodan + Fields skincare products to extend their vision of bringing dermatology-based skin treatment to everyone, they were immediately courted by leading prestige retailers. And while the doctors almost immediately found themselves with a leading dermatologist brand in top tier department stores, they quickly realized their vision could never be fully realized when kept under glass.
In an unprecedented move, Rodan + Fields became the first prestige skincare line to exit the department store for the world of direct selling.

A direct selling opportunity with a four star reputation
The Rodan + Fields business opportunity boasts a brand report card unlike any other. Inherent in the Rodan + Fields direct selling brand is the reputation of two of the most highly regarded leaders in the world of skincare. Their track record among their dermatology peers, as skincare product developers, and as opinion leaders in the beauty press are all part of the assets that work to support Rodan + Fields Consultants as they set forth to introduce others to the benefits of the products, the product-support programs, and the potential lifestyle benefits of the business opportunity.
Start your business today:

Everyone wants great skin
As the creators of ProActiv® Solution, America's #1 selling acne system, Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields have seen the difference that intelligent skincare and great skin can make in people’s lives. And, as practicing dermatologists, they know that many other common skin concerns can benefit from a similar treatment approach.

That’s why they created Rodan + Fields Multi-Med® Therapy designed to deliver the right medicines, in the right formulations, in the right order to transform your skin.

All products have 60 day money-back guarantee. They are designed to address the skin conditions of:
*Sun damage - lighten brown spots, even out skin tone
*Redness - ease symptoms of rosacea, reduce sensitivity
*Wrinkles - increase collagen production minimizing lines and wrinkles
*Blemishes - eliminates teen and adult acne

Bring the dermatologist into your home. Try Rodan + Fields TODAY.

Polish-American Heritage Month

October is Polish American Heritage Month and your library can help you celebrate! Our International Language Collection features fiction and non-fiction materials written in Polish. Who wouldn't savor, Cooking the Polish Way by Zamojska-Hutchings. Children may enjoy I am Polish American by Samuel Kapowski, about a young boy who talks of his Polish heritage, including foods, customs and famous Poles. If music is more your style our CD collection features Homage to Polish Music and myriad polkas for all. For additional information on Polish Heritage Month visit the Polish American Center.

Hug a Squirrel Today!

squirrelThe month of October is truly a special one. Why, you ask? During October 1-31st, we are celebrating Squirrel Awareness Month. There are so many great ways you can be a part of Squirrel Awareness Month, including checking out some of our fabulous art books. You could make crocheted squirrels, paintings of squirrels, ceramic squirrels, or squirrel collages. So let your inner squirrel run wild and have fun being creative!

Police Incident Forces Library Closure

As you know from media reports, a tragic shooting occurred today outside of the library. We are thankful and relieved that library staff and patrons were not injured, and our hearts go out to the families of the two people who were involved. While the library is closed for the remainder of the day today, we will be open our regular hours on Wednesday. We thank all of you who have expressed concern about our well-being; it is a comfort to us all to have our community’s support. We also thank the Canton Township Public Safety Department for their quick and professional response to this emergency, and ask that any inquiries about their investigation be directed to them.

If you had any library materials that were due today, our book return is now open; any materials returned on Wednesday will be backdated as if they were returned Tuesday. If you had any library materials on the Hold Shelf that were set to expire today, you may pick them up anytime before 9 p.m. Wednesday.

Canton Township to Honor Humane Society of Huron Valley in Celebration of National Shelter Appreciation Week

Humane Society of Huron Valley Logo
IT'S TONIGHT!! Canton Township will be recognizing the Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV) in conjunction with a proclamation to celebrate “National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week”, November 1-7, 2009. HSHV will be given the award on Tuesday, October 27th during the regularly scheduled township meeting at 7:00 pm. Guests and HSHV supporters are welcome to attend.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) sponsors National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week each year. This popular event seeks to recognize the indispensable role that animal shelters play in maintaining the safety and health of a community for all its residents. National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week is officially recognized the first full week of November each year, starting on the first Sunday of the month.

“We are honored that Canton is celebrating this event and HSHV in particular,” said Tanya Hilgendorf, HSHV Executive Director. “Animal shelters serve their communities in many ways, perhaps most importantly: animal shelters provide a tangible example of humane ethics and compassion for all living creatures. Canton Township is filled with many wonderful animal lovers and we are glad to be their community animal shelter where homeless, lost and abused animals are taken.”

To support HSHV, your local animal shelter, there are many things you can do:
* Offer a donation of needed food (visit to see our Wish List)
Drop Stations available Nov. 1-7 at these locations:
• Pet Supplies Plus - 43665 Ford Rd, Canton
• The Summit – 46000 Summit Parkway, Canton
* Spread the word about the importance of responsible pet ownership, including spaying and neutering
* Volunteer your time (new volunteer orientations will begin in December 2009)
* Report animal cruelty and neglect
* Adopt your next pet from HSHV; we have plenty of animals just waiting for a home like yours

The Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV) is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving all of Washtenaw County, Canton and Plymouth, and relies solely on donations from businesses and individuals to support our community programs. The mission of HSHV is to promote responsible and compassionate care of all animals in our community. For more information, call (734) 662-5585 or visit


Where Are You On The Web?

I'm curious where folks in Canton spend time on the web. I frequent the usuals like facebook, twitter, gmail, google reader, and the like, but also spend a lot of time on reddit. What sites do you use?

A + Tutoring

This is an old version. The current version of this record is no longer maintained at Canton Public Library. View the most recent version at CantonWiki.
varies per student
K. Smith - Certified and Highly Qualified
ONE on ONE tutoring. Certified and Student Focused. English Language Arts, Social Studies, History, Psychology.

Into Board Games? Join Us Sat. Sept. 19

Teen / Adult Open Board Gaming this Saturday, Sept. 19, 1:00-4:00pm.
We’ve got the hottest games like Carcassonne, Settlers, Ticket to Ride… plus a ton more you probably haven’t heard of but should. Also, in honor of 'Talk Like a Pirate Day', we're breaking out the pirate themed games to add to the mix. Drop by for a good time with a few new folks.

Hosting An At-Home Children's Birthday Party

Got the birthday party blues? Want to host a wonderful birthday party for your youngster but can’t afford the trendy birthday venues? Then throw a great children’s party at home. It’s easy and fun with some great craft and food ideas from some books at the CPL. I would recommend the easy to follow craft books, The Crafty Diva’s D.I. Y. Stylebook, and make it!. Both are loaded with information and ideas for simple crafts that are appropriate for kids aged 5 to 18. As an added bonus, all the crafts contained within make it! are eco-friendly because they are made from items you would normally recycle or throw away. Not only do you save money by having your party at home, but you can help the environment and your budget by creating terrific crafts from materials you already have around your home. And don’t forget the party food. You will find easy recipes for great snacks that look amazing and are easy to make with the book, Fairy Cooking. These recipes are simple, fun and pleasing to the eye. So go ahead, don’t be afraid, take the plunge and check out these books and host a wonderful birthday party at home that your kids will long remember.