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Chairs Too Small

Why are the chairs in the chilrens area all too small to work the computers? There are 3 or 4 adult chairs (that the children use). To type you have to either sit on your feet, stand or type with your arms at a very uncomfortable angle. Why offer computers and then place them on table to high?


Good Morning. I was wondering why I could not request P-90x thru inter-library loan. It is available at Kent District Library, but the following message came up, "not avail. for inter net loan - please contact your library." If it is not available thru inter-loan, would you please put it on request to purchase. The P-90x system was discussed on the Oprah Winfrey show last week with Pink - once it's on Oprah...I would love to see it at CPL! Thank You!


We've got some new smileys! laugh -which you might recognize from the old forum. More new ones are on the way too, so stay tuned. We've also got images along the side of the forum, so if you want to post some art it'll show up on the front page too for people to see.
till later - byebye


Scholastic has released the cover for the forthcoming third book in the Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay:

Mockingjay won't be released until August, but in the meantime click over to Scholastic for a view of all three covers together and a little more information about Suzanne Collins' latest.

Expired Library Card

My son's library card is expiring and we can't get there before it expires can we renew next time we come in? Thank you.

is the library closed due to snow

is the library closed today

research class

I notice the Northville library offers a research class called REAL research (realiable. expert. accurate. legitimate). It helps students avoid the free web and use sources that really matter in the library, including free databases. Do you offer something like this. I am particularly interested in the class for my homeschooled high schoolers (2). Thanks, Debbie Crocker

Detroit Sports Talk

Join Detroit New reporter, author, and 97.1 Sports Radio host Terry Foster for A Night of Detroit Sports Talk tonight, Thurday, January 28th, from 7:00-8:30PM in our Community Room. Registration is not required, so come by if you're interested!

Also, check out Mr. Foster's Books if you can't see him in person.

"In transit"

There is a book that I had requested from another library. It has said "in transit" for at least 10 days. I just wanted to confirm that this meant it has not arrived at the Canton Public Library yet. My name is Brian Kutnick. Thanks.

Michelle's In-Home Daycare

This is an old version. The current version of this record is no longer maintained at Canton Public Library. View the most recent version at CantonWiki.
Located off Cowan & Venoy Rd. Near Westland Mall
Monday- Friday 7am-6pm
Michelle Cook
Children age 1 1/2 to 5 yrs old
Call for rates or Email me at

Shake what you've got!

In these cold grey days it can be very difficult to fit physical activities into your day. Don't forget, it's always a good time to put on some music and transform your living room into a hoppin' dance floor! Here are some great family friendly tunes to help you get off your duff and shake things up.

They Might Be Giants No! - the title track has a great rock guitar riff that will get you bopping around.
Jim Gill Makes it Noisy In Boise - parents can definitely stand to listen to the swing sensation "The night we made it noisy in Boise, Idaho" and "Let's Dance Now!" I don't think it's possible to sit still and listen to those.
*Note- if you're a fan of Jim Gill, check out his Facebook page! He gives updates about his appearances and he has also announced that he's currently working on a new album! We can't wait to hear it!
The Music Man - so it isn't technically a children's CD, but what better way to get active than to march around the house to "Seventy six trombones"?

Time Magazine's "Assignment Detroit" and Detroit Blog

If you haven't already, you may want to check out what Time Inc. is calling Assignment Detroit, a year-long project with the intention of chronicling the life of the city of Detroit. It began in the Fall of 2009 and will continue until Fall 2010. The magazine has actually bought a house in Detroit and moved reporters and editors there from various magazines. Although the response has been mixed, you can follow the project via their blog, Detroit Blog, and view some videos about Detroit's economic plight including "How to Survive in Detroit?"
[Photo courtesy of eLibrary]

returned a book, still showing on my account

I returned Blasphemy by Douglas Preston thru the book drop thursday Jan 21st. as on today 01/26/10, it is still showing on my account. could you please check into and remove from my account? 

Baby, it's cold outside!

Snow is on the ground, the days are long and grey, and cold wind bites your face when you step outside. Time to head to the beach! If a real beach vacation isn't on your calendar, try a literary vacation with some of these great characters:

Early Chapter Fantasy Books

Can you provide me with the names of some early chapter books that are fantasies? Thanks!

On the Road Again

A little bit of nostalgia arrived at the library this week. Growing up, Sunday nights were always reserved for a wonderful little series called Road to Avonlea. This series expanded on the Story Girl Books by L. M. Montgomery and was filmed on the author's home soil of Prince Edward Island. Watching the stories of Sarah, Felicity, Gus, Felix, Aunt Hetty and many others was my first introduction to period films. The stories always appealed to everyone in our family (including my dad!). It was always fun to see who the guest star was that week, a notable list that included actors like Christopher Reeve, Christopher Lloyd, Stockard Channing, Faye Dunaway, and a young Ryan Gosling.
I'm thinking this will be a wonderful distraction during the week while I'm waiting for the next episode of Masterpiece Classic. Wonderful episode guides exist online if you want to watch a particular episode and can't remember its name or season. My favorite is the Road to Avonlea Guide &mdsh; but watch out! Spoilers abound!
If you love good storytelling, beautiful scenery, or period films--come check this series out!

Quiet, Please

With respect, could I please ask that you enforce policy with regards to cell phone use and excessive noise? (I know that you have a policy against cell phone use in the library. I assume that you have one about noise as well.) I am posting this from the library. I've just had to get up and move from my place to another part of the library because two individuals sitting at the table next to me entered, sat down, and proceeded to have a very noisy conversation that disturbed myself and some other people in the area. They talked, laughed, giggled, and made no effort to keep quiet despite the fact that their noise was disturbing everyone around them. Further, one of them took at least two cell phone calls while I was there. One of your employees sat at a desk on the other side of their table and did nothing to encourage them to respect the policies of the library or other patrons in the area. I finally couldn't take it any more and left. This is the second time that something like this has happened to me at a public library. (My other experience was of a gentleman who decided to play a portable DVD player in a study cubicle, much to the dismay of other people working around him.) It's a shame that our libraries are not as quiet as they once were. Thank you for your attention to and consideration of my concerns.

Holy Quran being in the lower most shelf

Dear Incharge person, I am a regular user of canton public library and i enjoy this facility and resources here. I was very happy to see a seperate section of ISLAM in the library. I have one suggestion that the Holy Book Quran is placed in the lower most shelf in this section, which comes almost at the level of shoes of people walking by the self. Any holy book whether its Bible or Quran should be placed in one of the upper shelves. I will be obliged if you consider my humble request. 

The password requirement on the user account login is really excessive

I really don't think its necessary to require passwords to have both a lower case, upper case, punctuation and a number. This is really excessive. These requirements exceed the requirements for every secure site I have ever used: four brokerages, five insurance companies, sieight forture 500 companies I do consulting for, three retirement accounts and a dozen credit cards, etc etc. I have a sixteen character password which is plenty secure by any reasonable measure but it doesn't cut the muster for the Canton Public Library?

This password excess can actually promote insecurity because ittends to cause people to write it down becuase it doesn't match any other password they use. For me its a really pain because I have to get my password reset every single time I want to log in. Hopefully your IT director will consider changing this to a little more rational scheme.

The Help book club kit?

It appears that The Help by: Kathryn Stockett is a very popular book. I know that I am looking forward to reading it myself. I was wondering if you'd consider making this book one of your 'book club kit' selections? It's my turn to host our book club in May and I'd love to have our group read this one. Thanks for your consideration! Lisa Bozich
The Help