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Attended Zoo camp; made kitty forts for the Michigan Humane Society


Friends of the Canton Public Library Make $10,000 Donation

CANTON, MI — Friends of the Canton Public Library treasurer Larry Hoelscher had a big smile and a big check for Canton Public Library trustee Michael Siegrist and library director Eva Davis. He and outgoing Friends president Peg Britz presented a check for $10,000, earmarked for the library’s endowment fund, during their annual membership meeting on Wednesday.

The donation is the result of book sales and fundraising efforts by the Friends group, who have contributed more than $64,000 to the library in the past year. The Friends sponsor programs and events at the library such as Connect Your Summer, and purchase materials for the Michigan History, International Language and other collections.
"Given the reduced revenue over the last few years, the library has been forced to evaluate our priorities and make difficult decisions. We are truly blessed to have the army of volunteers and supplemental financing for programming that the Friends offer, making those decisions that much easier," said Siegrist.
Hoelscher stressed that the support the Friends provide comes from the community. "Our income comes mainly from the sale of pre-owned books at the Secondhand Prose Bookstore. Supporting the store and a membership in the Friends will help us continue to support your library." For more information on Secondhand Prose or the Friends, visit or stop in the bookstore.
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can you order the movie mother and child with actress naomi watts

movie on dvd mother and child with actress naomi watts in it. THANK YOU LINDA MOORE

I ran away five times last week!!

I am a very curious dog and I escaped my backyard five times last week! It's pretty hard to stay put with all the animals crossing through my family's backyard! I need to investigate each scent thoroughly. I often end up in a neighbors fenced-in yard three houses away! How did I do it? I'll never tell!

I read the book "Because of Winn - Dixie".


Went to the Canton Dog Park

It is awesome, just wish there were more dogs there. Need to spread the word.

i went to a park

i went to a park by the libary with my cousins. it was a very fun day but it was very very hot. when we got there we playede on the swings and slide . there in the park there was a soccer filed so we played socer for a while. then we had a scavenger hunt the hunt was to find one thing that starts with each letter of the alfabet. it was kinda hard because there was not that many things there. after that we decide to go to the water area the water was ice cold. after that we left to go to DQ to get ice cream. to me that was the best day ever!!!! :)

goin to Boston this summer


drew on my sports bag that I can share with my friends


went to go see X-men First class at Imagine


notifications for new DVD's

Is it possible to get notifications of new DVD's ordered or received by CPL? I'm using the RSS for the "dvd f" feed and I didn't see "Burn Notice" in this feed, but I see it is at the library. The "dvd tv series" feed seems to no longer be updated, although the link for the feed still appears on your web page. Thanks.

i read a book about an adventure


I read the book "The Farthest Away Mountain"

I like the book because the book is like a fairytale.

Took our puppy Coraline to the @cantonfun dog park

Our puppy Coraline has a lot of energy and loves to run around as fast as she can. She especially loves running with big dogs who can keep up with her (or almost), and the Canton dog park is a great space - plenty of room for her to zoom around and lots of friendly dogs to meet and run with. We stayed for about an hour this afternoon and met a bunch of fun puppies around her age (but twice or more her size).

went to borders to buy books, read dork diaries and diary of a wimpy kid

i read the entire series of dork diaries
i read diary of a wimpy kid the ugly truth
i went to borders to buy new books over the summer


I went on a bike ride with my dad to many places we have not been to before around our sub-division.


dehydrated cherries

I checked out books on preserving food, bought a dehydrator and then dehydrated some cherries and made some fruit leather.


I made a fruit salad with my friends

I made a fruit salad with my friends. It had strawberries, apples and oranges and we ate it outside in the sun.


Thorndyke Thoughts

Hey Kids!
I'm super excited because I just earned my very first Connect Your Summer Badge! I told you that LB and I signed up as team, right? Well. We just got our very first badge... the Multicultural Badge. And it came with a nifty little star on it because we shared what we did with all of you! I read a book called Zoo-Ology by Joelle Jolivet. It's a big huge book (you can see it in my last blog post) with really neat pictures in it. And I learned a little bit about all the different animal cultures that are different than me. LB decided he would study People Culture, so he visited the Canton Historical Society. They have lots of neat stuff there. And LB got to sign his name in the guestbook (he has very nice handwriting) and put a pin on the map where he lives. He brought back lots of pictures to show me, and it sure looks like he had fun!
Boy we both had super lots of fun. We can't wait to earn our next badge! I need some ideas though... What have you done to earn yours? Can't wait to hear all about it!
Bear Hugs!