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New DVDs

I've checked the feature films and there hasn't been any recent new items listed. I have my computer set for the latest additions. Sooo has nothing been added to dvd collection??

Robert B Parker "Brimstone"

On line shows 3 copies available. I have make 2 trips to get this book and there is no copies available. Could you check this out and see if the computer took a vacation? FYI we are very pleased with the our library. THank you.

Inconsistency of email notifications

I have received many email notifications for due materials in the past. A few weeks ago I did not receive a notification. I was told it had something to do with a down server. I have received notifications since then. I, again, did not receive a notification for a book that is due tomorrow. Is there a reason that I didn't receive one this time? I always keep track of printed receipts and am aware of due dates, but the inconsistency of this system can be very frustrating.


Discs with new tags in CD player

It has happened three times that discs with new tags on them are sticking in the car radio. I have shut off the car let it get cold and then turn the car back on and it pops out.


renewing books

i am look ing for to click on when i need to renew a book what do i press


Every single staff member that I have encountered goes out of their way. I love the Canton Library. Today Judy E. was helping me. As usual the same thing. Very nice as expected.

Google Apps Work for You

Google is the biggest search engine in the world, but offers much more. Want to learn more about Google and how its [generally-free] technologies can increase your productivity?

Register now for our Google Apps class, to be held on Tuesday, September 14, from 7:00-8:30PM. We'll cover search, docs, Gmail, and many lesser-known tools that work well for you or your business.

If you have any questions, comments, or requests for topics to cover, please leave them in the comments.

Music CD's

Is there a file I can get that lists ALL the Music CD's you have. I have tried the website, but the list is long, and it is so slow to get through the alphabet. (I cannot find a way to search for a specific title or author using the web site). Please help.

Canton Center Road

A traffic light is needed at Canton Ctr & Heritage Dr. Also, Canton Ctr needs resurfacing and a longer right turn lane from the north. Can't you appeal to the Township of Canton?

being charged for returned book

Hi. I returned "Essays that Will Get You Into Medical School," but I am being charged a replacement fee for it. Can you please take this off my account? Thanks

Availability of an item

I am a Canton resident. Will our library obtain a copy of Generation Zero, a documentary movie, which is due out this month? Thank you


My mother is 65 years old and wants to learn english for her there anything available to learn english?

why isn't the books & more section of the website working.

books & more section of the webpage didn't work since last week. whats going on. doesn't work today either. it only loads a few on each page, not all?


My husband is red/green colour-blind. With the current check out system, he can't tell when an item has been checked out (yellow --> green). This is a significant barrier for visual users. I'm surprised that "colour blindness" was not addressed when looking at usability. 40-45% of male pop has this colour-blindness issue. You could fix with changing from yellow to blue. Thanks.

public restrooms

While in the restroom there is no shelf to put library materials (books etc.) on.

A Note About Mindfulness and Language

I wanted to put a reminder out there to all, since It's easy for us all to forget, that this forum is a public one on a very public site, so that means people of all ages, from the very, very young to the very old can read it. As such be respectful of others, and be careful about choices of language in swearing. It's good to be yourself, and I'm no fan of censorship, but for the sake of any 8 year old who stumbles upon this forum, I ask that you just be mindful and respectful with your choice of language. Or at least creative with "---'s". I'm not worried. I trust you guys with this.

DVD Purchase

Suggest: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - DVD purchase

DVD Purchase

Suggested purchase: Felon Good

Not getting email notification for any overdue Books or DVD

Hi, I never get email notification on my email ID for some reason for any overdue books or DVDs or Games. So due to that I end up paying fines as I am not updated. My Wifes always sends her email notification for everything. I wanted to know why it is my account is acting like this. I have updated my email address couple of time and it has never worked. I was charged over due fines today for the Games I had. I would like to request to take $ 4.00 fine which was charged on my account and try to find out why my account is not working. Regards


I've been very disappointed by the lack of storytime options lately. There used to be so many times available and now there are so few I can't take either of my kids anymore. They are 16 months and 4 yrs and go to bed at 7:00 PM. If nothing else I'd like to take my little guy but I have to pick up my eldest from preschool at 10:45. It would be nice if the "Walking To Not Yet Two" classes had more time slots or was just 30 minutes earlier. I really miss our library time!