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Copy Center

The Copy Center Area is great for customers. The staff are helpful and wonderful. It makes life easier and the Canton Library special (envy of others). Please do not get rid of it. Keep the same, as it is now.

doll clothes donations

Hi, I am writing to you from a company located in Pennsylvania. We sell doll clothes and accessories for 18 inch dolls (such as the American Girl Doll) A woman from Canton, Michigan contacted us via our facebook page (My Doll's Life) asking if we have a place to donate doll clothes to. Unfortunately, we don't. I was not sure who to contact for her locally in Canton, and your page was the first one that came up on my search. If you have any suggestions or places she can donate please contact me. Thank you very much. Julie

Hack Your Living Space

Image courtesy of Flickr user CosmoComet
With a little ingenuity, some quality tools, and the right raw materials, you can create a noteworthy living/work space from scratch. Yes, you!

It seems like every blog out there has featured posts lately about making and/or hacking furniture and decorations. Here are some of the best: The library also has some great materials on furniture-making, if you're ready to dive right in:

Woodworking 101 for women : how to speak the language, buy the tools, & build fabulous furniture from start to finish by Marilyn MacEwen

Furniture you can build : projects that hone your skills by Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk

Build your own home office furniture by Danny Proulx

Creative storage solutions for your home by Rick Williams

Shop-tested outdoor furniture you can make [from the editors of Wood magazine]

Building real furniture for everyday life by Chris Gleason

Shop-tested small furniture you can make [from the editors of Wood magazine]

Request for suggested readings

I have a 6-year-old boy who loves to read. He's read Freddie Fernortner, Junie B. Jones, some Magic Treehouse and A to Z adventures. I'm not very familiar with good reading series for boys and would like to know if you can recommend a few for him to try. Thank you!!

Butterflies are Blooming

Spring has arrived and so have the butterflies! Visit the Butterflies Are Blooming exhibit at the Tropical Conservatory at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids through April 30th. You can also check out the butterflies in our collection at the library.

Tutoring at Canton Library

My daughter loves the tutors that come in on Tuesdays and Thursdays for math. My daughter received an A+ on her math quiz. She also enjoys talking with them. Thanks so much!

Other comment

Just want to say Thanks for the notification--good idea and I dropped off the 2 books this AM-thanks again!


CD Player

I've requested before that the library have a CD player available so people can sample the books on CD's without having to check them out. If people brought their own headphones, it should be no problem. Or maybe we could play a disk on a computer, using our own headphones. Thank you.

Maybe My Baby

Can we buy this? What is the price range?

log in

I have my card and forgotten my Password and email address that i was used for login.

Video Games Removed from Shelves

I noticed that some of the video games had been removed from the children's section and are now located behind the check-out desk. I'm assuming they were moved because of issues with damage or theft? When I asked one of the librarians about the change, they said that the games would be located behind the circulation desk for the foreseeable future. I can understand the need to keep those games safe, but it is very difficult for children to view and select video games when you have to wait your turn in the checkout line to ask for the vidoe game cart and then attempt to view the games on the cart from across the checkout desk (especially if the child in question isn't tall enough to see over the desk). And small children aren't able to easily browse the games using the online catalog. If you don't already have a solution planned, I have a suggestion that might save time/effort/frustration for both your staff and your patrons. The library I used to work at allowed patrons to check out CDs and videos. We kept the actual media behind the desk in a locked cabinet and patrons could bring up a card (with a color copy of the album/movie cover on it) up to the desk to "check out." It allowed patrons to easily browse through the available selections, while keeping the actual CDs/videos safe.

Army/Iraq and Test Proctoring

Hello, I am a U.S. soldier coming home on leave from Iraq. I have a final exam in a class that I am taking during that time(Early April). Do you proctor exams at all? If so, I will need to get some contact information so that I can have my school send the exam. If you can, please respond to my email. Thank you for your time.

Stitches: a memoir

All I can say is this book is amazing. OK, maybe I should explain a bit more. David Small is an artist usually known for his award winning picture books, but here he brings us something very different. Stitches is a darker tale for a much older audience. It's an autobiographical account of his own childhood, a childhood that was not all sunshiny, let me warn you... it's unsettling, it's moving, it's powerful — perhaps in part because it's true; it's one of those books that amazes you with its ability to tell so much with so few words. A masterpiece. Check it out.

Author Book Giveaway

Good morning! I work for author Susan Mallery. Susan loves libraries. She appreciates everything that librarians do to match the right books with the right readers. Yesterday, on her Facebook page (, she asked her fans to nominate their public library to receive a copy of one of her books. Congratulations! You’ve been nominated. She has about ten books to give away, and so far, she’s gotten just over 60 nominations. She’s going to choose the winning libraries at random later this week and will announce the winners on her Facebook page. In the meantime, she’d like to offer some bookmarks to all the libraries that were nominated. If you’d like to have some bookmarks for your patrons, please reply to this email with your mailing address. Also, please let me know if you’d like to be added to Susan’s email list to receive an email when she releases a new book.
Come to Fool's Gold, the Land of Happy Endings! CHASING PERFECT – May, 2010 – ISBN-13: 978-0-373-77452-4

can't get into books and more again

again, i cannot get the books & more - new arrived material to load. the first 1-50 doesn't at all, the second 51-100 only loads Its complicated dvd, third page loads fine. what's up why does this happen quite often.

Unable to assign Star-rating when items are sorted on Due-date

This is just a minor annoyance, but one I keep tripping over. I often view the items I have checked-out (from my account), and sort them based on due-date order. However, if I then try to assign a star-rating with this sort-order in effect, the next screen that is displayed shows NO items (empty list). When I refresh the display (say by clicking 'Sort by Check-out'), the items are then displayed again, but my star-rating is lost. This is clearly a bug. However, I personally think that the default sort-order should be on Due-date, since this is probably much more important to patrons (to avoid late-fees), than when the items were originally checked-out (especially if some items are renewed). I'd greatly appreciate if the bug is fixed... and the default sort-order is changed. Many thanks.

New DVDs

I've checked the feature films and there hasn't been any recent new items listed. I have my computer set for the latest additions. Sooo has nothing been added to dvd collection??

Robert B Parker "Brimstone"

On line shows 3 copies available. I have make 2 trips to get this book and there is no copies available. Could you check this out and see if the computer took a vacation? FYI we are very pleased with the our library. THank you.

Inconsistency of email notifications

I have received many email notifications for due materials in the past. A few weeks ago I did not receive a notification. I was told it had something to do with a down server. I have received notifications since then. I, again, did not receive a notification for a book that is due tomorrow. Is there a reason that I didn't receive one this time? I always keep track of printed receipts and am aware of due dates, but the inconsistency of this system can be very frustrating.


Discs with new tags in CD player

It has happened three times that discs with new tags on them are sticking in the car radio. I have shut off the car let it get cold and then turn the car back on and it pops out.