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Feed Your Pet Right

We, as humans and consumers, may look at food labels before we buy a product. Maybe if it's too high in sugar or sodium or fat we won't buy it. If you have a pet, have you ever read the labels on pet food? You might be surprised. This book, Feed Your Pet Right, is by a human nutritionist, Dr. Marion Nestle, and an animal nutrition expert, Dr. Maldon Neheim. The authors take a fascinating look at the science behind pet food and guides pet owners to make informed decisions to provide a healthy, balanced diet for their pets.

DVD's "on order" no longer viewable as a list --please restore

The "DVD Feature Film" items were once listed in the featured list "Browse Materials / On Order / Adult Collection." Now they are not, and there does not appear to get a list of feature films on order any other way. I've tried searching self location with a sort "newest first," I've tried the RSS feed, for example, and neither identify those items on order and not yet cataloging. However, if I guess a title that I think might be on order, it shows up in the online catalog where it did not show up in any other method.

Could you please restore this feature? I'd rather not have to keep guessing new titles that would be library-worthy in the hopes of finding it. Thank you!

New DVD's on Order

I used to be able to view a list of DVD's on order by going to Books & More then selecting Adult Collection under New Material. This would produce a list of ordered material sorted by category with feature film DVD's appearing first. This no longer works and I am unable to find feature film DVD's anywhere under New Material. Is there a way to obtain a list of DVD's ordered by the library? Thank you.

Quiet Zone

Despite putting up signs near the fireplace, folks do talk on the mobile phone as well as talk loudly. Could you please enforce silence in these zones?

Thanks for your attention.

Best Regards,


Blu Ray disks

I was wondering if we would ever get blu ray discs. I was recently at the Plymouth Library, and they just got a collection of movies. Thanks!

Pretty Little Liars

I see you have every book in the series except for the very first, I tried to put it on hold but it appears to have been billed to someone over a year ago. I would be very pleased if you got this book back on your shelves soon because I would like to read the series before it's TV series premieres, and it would be nice to start with the first book.

Thank You For Your Time.


Pretty Little Liars
Sara Shepard
Publisher Info/ISBN: 
Where you saw it: 

texting search record to phone

If you offer the convenience of allowing us to text our search results to our phone, it would be helpful if the text were a bit more specific. I sent my son to get me: Sherlock Holmes [videodisc]: the return of Sherlock Holmes. Volume 1 and all it sent to his phone was: DVD TV SERIES | Sherlock Holmes He therefore got me five DVD's that I had already seen, but not the correct one. There was no way to know the specific one from that ridiculous text. It was VERY, VERY DISCONCERTING to make an effort to get something and then not get the right item. What a waste of time to offer such a ridiculous service.

Getting a library card

Is it possible for me to get a Canton Library card for my nephew who lives in a different community but who I would like to register for/bring to Children's programs?

A new series from the author of Percy Jackson and the Olympians

May 4th is the release date for the first book in The Kane Chronicles, a new fiction series for kids by Rick Riordan. The first book is called The Red Pyramid, and the series is going to relate to the ancient Egyptian gods. It sounds like it's going to be full of adventure and suspense, just like Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

The Authors of Project Runway

Project Runway is known for contestants bringing their ingenuity and skill to each challenge if they want to show their collection at Bryant Park during Fashion Week in New York. But designing fashionable clothes isn't the only trick in their bag. Season 4 Winner Christian Siriano, many moments wrapped into a style guide, Fierce Style: How to Be Your Most Fabulous Self and Season 3 Finalist and mother of 6 Laura Bennett has written about her stylish perspective on motherhood, Didn't I Feed You Yesterday? Both follow Tim Gunn's successful footsteps as authors, Tim Gunn: a Guide to Quality, Taste & Style.

Unclaimed Property blog post

Thank you for posting Michigan's Unclaimed Property Division on your Web. My family benefitted by it in the amount of $1800! I had never heard of this before and the money will really come in handy!

Loud kids

Can you please enforce the library "quiet zones"? There's an increase of kids here, and they seem to think it's okay to congregate and be loud and obnoxious while some of us are studying and working. Thanks!

2010 Green Street Fair

The Third Annual Green Street Fair will return to the streets of Downtown Plymouth from April 30 to May 2. To promote global interest and personal well-being, the Green Street Fair "blends companies, artisans, entertainers, workshops and speakers together in a friendly and family-oriented outdoor environment." Admission is free.
Event Hours
Friday, April 30Noon-7:00PM
Saturday, May 110:00AM-7:00PM
Sunday, May 210:00AM-5:00PM

Lucky Day searching

Please add a "Lucky Day" book/DVD search I can do at home that shows the titles only 1 time. Thanks.

Is Anyone Interested in Starting a Writing Group?


I am an aspiring writer with the worst procrastination habit (not very difficult when you have neither publisher nor deadline.)

Recently, someone suggested that joining a writing group might help me to become more productive as well as give me access to constructive criticism and encouragement. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find one in the area.

Would anyone be interested in starting a Christian/clean-fiction writing group?


small appliance repair?

I have a vintage KitchenAid stand mixer that is in need of a new electrical cord. Can anyone recommend a good place locally that could do that? Thanks!

How does our Earth day event get posted?

We are having a solar open house celebrating our 25th year in the solar energy business on Sat. April 24th 10am - 4pm. We are going to have cake, balloons, free door prises and a special prise for our customers of 25 years. We are right down the road from you here in Canton. How do we get our earth day event posted on your site?

candy apple books

u guys should have more of the new "candy apple" books there are 3 *see you soon, samantha *miss you, mina and *wish you were here, liza

The Beauty of the Tongue - Learning a 2nd Language

Hello, I would love for my kids and I to learn Manadarin. Is it possible that Canton could consider offering some type of secondary language clases? I would think that with Canton's rich diversity, they could find a volunteer tutor. Or A registration fee would cover the cost of the instructor. I am very interested and think that the addition of such a program would be beneficial for both the library and the patrons. Another idea would be to add a "classified" link to the library's website. Any post would first have to be approved by the library. This way someone like myself could post the following: Mandarin instructor wanted for family to learn 2nd language. Please email me if interested. I think the Canton library is already awesome and a great place to visit, but this would make it even more popular for perhaps. Please kindly take my suggestions into consideration. I look forward to your repsonse. Adrienne

Very much dislike

I very much dislike the Cantonwiki idea. It is not correct that all the business in were moved to this wiki because my business and other listings I had are not there. I don't know how to contribute to this wiki, it's too complicated. There are many online applications way more friendly than this where any user can log in and add stuff through their account and remove as they wish. I have been one hour trying to figure out how to add my business and I leave the site full of frustration and lack of information about Canton. Can't you find a better application to use?