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Book donations

I would like to donate paperback and hard-cover books to the library. They are in excellent condition, mainly read by only one person. Does the library accept these donations, and if so, when and where can I bring them? Thank you.


I suggested a book 3 weeks ago, and for a week and 2 days it said it's been in the process of cataloging from the 'teen new books shelf', I was just wondering how long this takes because I would really like to read this book.

Thank You.



First of all, I love CPL (its my second home I guess)

1. Thanks a lot for the new chairs @ study cabin area. They're a great help when you're to study with a computer for many hours.

2. There are a few wonderful people here @ CPL who needs to be appreciated. And its their kindness & help that makes this library the best place in town.

-Mrs. Eileen: All the front desk people are real gems but she's an extremely nice; genuinely humble & sweet person; has helped me & many of my friends at many a times. I respect her a lot for her kindness & help.

-Mr. Bill (the security guy) is indeed a great soul. ALWAYS there to help. He & I both worry about the floor @ the library entrance thats been ripped off (a lil). The other day a girl got her shoe stuck in the gap and almost fell (could have hit her head against the hard floor) -- Please do somethin about that! Thanx.

-Mr. Bradd (@East reference desk mostly in the evening hours) Extremely kind & helpful; I have noticed that he actually cares about "silence" in the library (He speaks in a low tone himself, never talks too much on phone, always makes sure students like myself and others don't get disturbed by a few talkative souls in the area). I owe him a lot of thanks (as the kind of concentrated studying is only possible in a relatively Quiet (if not Quiet like Quiet-Room) place -- maintained/supervised by people who're Quiet themselves.

(I realized the fact only yesterday when the person @ East desk was being a bit too loud in her communication, @ about 10 o'clock thats normally a very quiet and good time to study.)

People often talk loud, esp when they book a discussion room (usually high school students) They're loud enough that even those who're sitting outside can't help but getting disturbed. Could you please do something about that too? like may be post some certain rules on each table & above all request the librarians to set a good example for everyone else around.

-Ms. Jeanine (@ copy centre - reference etc.) She taught me all the copying, printing, faxing etc. without me asking for that as she's so on-the-look-to-helping-someone; Extremely nice person.

I owe this place alot, Hope to return back someday!!

P.S. All the ones responsible for keeping this place clean. I've been to Ypsi library & others too but CPL is the cleanest place of all. All thanks to them.



If you plan on attending the ALA Annual Conference June 24-29, 2010 please be on the lookout for Lethal Friendship, at the Solutions, Inc. #3033. The events took place in Michigan. It is a book endorsed by Casey Gwinn, Founder of the Family Justice Center. Mr. Gwinn writes, "Lethal Friendship is one of the 10 books I keep on my desk to regularly remind me about the lethal nature of family violence”. The Family Justice Center serves as the official provider for the United States Department of Justice, office on Violence Against Women. Cordially, Marie Currie

Teen Creative Writing Classes


I was wondering if you have a waiting list for the Teen Creative Writing Classes? I would like to put my daughter on this list (Amanda Nilles) if you have one.


Grades for Children's Activities

Many of the children's summer program activities list ages K-2nd grade or 3-4th grade. The tween and teen programs state that they are for the grades the child is entering but the children's programs are unclear. Are the grades for the children's programs for the grade they completed or the grade they are entering? This question refers to a child who just completed 2nd grade and is mature for their age. I would like to enroll this child in 3-4th grade programs if possible. Thank you.

Short Story contest

How many times can we enter the short story contest?

Travel Through Film

Sometimes the best vacations are on your own couch. Here are some great journeys in movies to get the feeling of an adventure while in the comfort of your own home.

Wild Hogs — Like any good travel movie, this film shows that it's the journey, not the destination.

Fear and loathing in Las Vegas — When packing for a trip, some people have different priorities than others. An ether frolic of a movie, from the mind of Hunter S. Thompson.

O brother, where art thou? — A modern-ish adaptation of Homer's Odyssey, the ultimate travel epic. Watch out for the catchy soundtrack.

Up in the air — From what I've gathered (having not seen it yet), George Clooney flies around a lot. Sounds like a travel movie to me.

Back to the future: the complete trilogy — A different kind of travel. Time travel counts. It doesn't get much better than BTTF.

National Lampoon's vacation — A required fixture on any travel film list.

Catch me if you canThe book is really good, and this film lives up to it. Lots of action, and a great dynamic between Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The beach — Speaking of Leo, here's a slightly-different journey to Thailand and beyond.

Airplane! — An absolutely hilarious movie. Did you know it was a spoof remake of a 1950s film, Zero Hour?

Have Stilettos, Will Travel

Chick Flicks on the Road

Enchanted April Miramax Home Entertainment presents a BBC Films production in association with Greenpoint Films

Thelma & Louise Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents a Percy Main production, a Ridley Scott film in association with Star Partners III, Ltd

A room with a view Goldcrest in association with National Film Finance Corporation, Curzon Film Distributors and Film Four International present a Merchant Ivory film

Bread & tulips First Look Pictures un Monogatari presenta una produzione Instituto Luce spa, Monogatari sri, RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana in coproduczione con Amka Films sa Lugano, Tsi Televisione svizzera italiana, un film di Silvo Soldinia

My faraway bride Kosmic Films presents a Hiskarma Productions and Dream Team Films production

Shirley Valentine by Paramount Pictures

2 days in Paris Samuel Goldwyn Films, Red Envelope Entertainment and Rezo Films International present a Polaris Film Production & Finance and Tempête sous un Crâne Productions production in co-production with 3L Filmproduktion GMBH in association with Back up Media GMBH and Merica Medias

Summertime by Lopert Films

Have your own suggestions? Leave them in the comments for others to enjoy!

Travel Books

Whether you're planning a trip or just traveling by proxy, these books will surely be an inspiration.

Will Travel for Food

Spain - a culinary road trip by Mario Batali with Gwyneth Paltrow

Around the world in 80 dinners: the ultimate culinary adventure by Cheryl and Bill Jamison

The year of eating dangerously: a global adventure in search of culinary extremes by Tom Parker Bowles

Eat my globe: one year to go everywhere and eat everything by Simon Majumdar

Shark's fin and Sichuan pepper: a sweet-sour memoir of eating in China by Fuchsia Dunlop

Food journeys of a lifetime: 500 extraordinary places to eat around the globe by introduction by Keith Bellows

Her fork in the road: women celebrate food and travel by edited by Lisa Bach

No reservations: around the world on an empty stomach by Anthony Bourdain

Microbrewed adventures: a lupulin-filled journey to the heart and flavor of the world's great craft beers by Charlie Papazian

Comic Travel Tales

Don't Forget to Pack Your Sense of Humor

By the seat of my pants : humorous tales of travel and misadventure by edited by Don George

The road to McCarthy : around the world in search of Ireland by Pete McCarthy

Around the world in 80 rounds : chasing a golf ball from Tierra del Fuego to the land of the midnight sun by David Wood ; foreword by Turk Pipkin

Sand in my bra and other misadventures : funny women write from the road by edited by Jennifer L. Leo

Assassination vacation by Sarah Vowell

Round Ireland with a fridge by Tony Hawks

Travels with my donkey : one man and his ass on a pilgrimage to Santiago by Tim Moore

The greedy bastard diary : a comic tour of America by Eric Idle

Stephen Fry in America by photographs by Vanda Vucicevic

A walk in the woods : rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail by Bill Bryson

Molvanîa: a land untouched by modern dentistry by [written by Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner & Rob Sitch]

Have your own suggestions? Leave them in the comments for others to enjoy!

Mitten Staycations

Planning a Michigan staycation? Here's what you can find without leaving the state.

Get up and moving

Adventure cycling in Michigan : selected on- and off-road rides

Gentle Hikes of upper Michigan by Tornabene, Ladona

Adventure guide to Michigan [electronic resource] by Kevin & Laurie Hillstrom

Michigan rivers less paddled : the rivers, the towns, the taverns by Doc Fletcher

Divers guide to Michigan by Steve Harrington ; foreword by Ken Vrana

The best bike rides in the Midwest : Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin by Phil Van Valkenberg

Northern Michigan's best cross country ski trails by Mike Terrell

The mountain biker's guide to the Great Lake states : Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan by Phil Van Valkenberg and Jack McHugh ; foreword, introduction, and afterword by Dennis Coello

Short bike rides in Michigan by Pamela Stovall

Snorkeling guide to Michigan inland lakes by Nancy S. Washburne

The angler's guide to twelve classic trout streams in Michigan by Gerth E. Hendrickson

Guide to sea kayaking on lakes Superior & Michigan : the best day trips and tours by Bill Newman, Sarah Ohmann, and Don Dimond

Natural wonders of Michigan [electronic resource] : exploring wild and scenic places by Tom Carney

Flyfisher's guide to Michigan by Jim Bedford

Trout streams of Michigan : a fly-angler's guide by Bob Linsenman and Steve Nevala ; foreword by Ernest Schwiebert

Fishing Michigan by Eric Sharp

Road biking. Michigan by Cari Noga

The complete guide to Michigan sand dunes by Jim DuFresne

Don't like to plan?

Don't worry. These guys have done it for you.

Backroads & byways of Michigan : drives, day trips & weekend excursions by Matt Forster

Moon handbooks Michigan by Laura Martone

Mobil travel guide. Northern Great Lakes 2007

Forbes travel guide Northern Great Lakes 2010

Michigan : off the beaten path by Jim DuFresne

Weird Michigan : your travel guide to Michigan's local legends and best kept secrets by Linda S. Godfrey ; Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran, executive editors — If you're weird and you know it. You know who you are.

We'll leave the light on for you

Lighthouses of northwest Michigan by Susan Roark Hoyt

A traveler's guide to 116 Michigan lighthouses by text, Laurie Penrose ; maps, Bill T. Penrose ; black and white photos, Ruth Penrose ; color photos, Bill J. Penrose

A traveler's guide to 100 eastern Great Lakes lighthouses by text, Laurie Penrose ; maps, Bill T. Penrose ; photos, Ruth and Bill J. Penrose

Legends of light : a Michigan lighthouse portfolio by photographs by Ed Wargin

Lake country by Kathleen Stocking — The travel guide as literature with thought-provoking essays that go deeper than a where-to-stay, what-to-eat guide.

You'll know it when you see it.

Michigan wildflowers [by] Helen V. Smith. Illus. by Ruth Powell Brede by Smith, Helen Vandervort, 1909-

Michigan wildflowers in color by Harry C. Lund, author and photographer

Wildflowers of Michigan field guide by Stan Tekiela

Birds of Michigan by Ted Black and Gregory Kennedy

National Geographic field guide to birds. Michigan by edited by Jonathan Alderfer

Michigan mammals by Rollin H. Baker

A Guide to rocks and minerals of Michigan by Richard Hawke ; sketches by Marilyn A. Hawke ; maps by R. Hawke

Rocks and minerals of Michigan by Oscar Floyd Poindexter

The birds of Washtenaw County, Michigan by Michael A. Kielb, John M. Swales, Richard A. Wolinski

Birds of Detroit by Chris C. Fisher, Allen T. Chartier

Michigan butterflies and skippers : a field guide and reference by Mogens C. Nielsen

Michigan turtles and lizards : a field guide and pocket reference by James H. Harding and J. Alan Holman ; photography and illustrations by James H. Harding, except where otherwise credited

You know you're in Michigan when-- : 101 quintessential places, people, events, customs, lingo, and eats of the Great Lakes state by Colleen Burcar — Get your Michigan on. Perfect for a rainy day.

Couch Surfing

Travel Michigan from the comfort of your couch with these videos.

Michigan [videodisc]

Mackinac Island [videodisc] by PostCard Videos, Inc

America's great road trips and scenic drives. Disc 5 [videodisc] : American road trips: Red Rock Rim, Northern New Mexico, Natchez Trace, Blue Ridge, Vermont, Michigan by the Reader's Digest Association, Inc.

Kid-friendly Michigan

Kids love Michigan : a family travel guide to exploring "kid-tested" places in Michigan-- year round! by George & Michele Zavatsky

Detroit kids catalog : a family guide for the 21st century by Ellyce Field

Fun with the family in Michigan : hundreds of ideas for day trips with the kids by William Semion

Kids love Michigan : a parent's guide to exploring fun places in Michigan with children-- year round! by George & Michele Zavatsky

clash of the titans dvd description

is the description of the new "clash of the titans" (2010) dvd cataloged correct. or is it the description of the 2002 clash of the titans dvd. just wondering if you were buying the same dvd again?

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Hi, I believe there may be a problem with my notice of almost overdue books e-mails. I think they stopped in April(after looking through my mailbox)and I should have got some in May. I just received notice that I had several overdue vids and now have a fine over $20.That e-mail was sent from a different address. I realize it's my job to get them back on time but I have become dependent on the reminders. Can you help?

ACT program


I thought I saw somewhere that you had an on-line ACT Testing Program or something that kids could do to practice for the ACT?

Thanks for your help.

lost lib card

I lost my son's library card somewhere in the house. I am sure it was not lost outside of my house. do I still need to get a new library card with a new number, or can you re-issue the same card with his old number, which I am sure is secure? Signed, a disorganized mom!


I have ordered a book from the MelCat system I was wondering how I will be contacted when the book arrives at the Canton Library? right now the status says 'requested' will that change when the book arrives? thank you.

Plymouth Library

I want to check out a book that is not available at the Plymouth Library, where I belong, but you do have it at the Canton Library. Can I come in and check it out using my Plymouth Library card?