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video games

can u get a copy of fifa world cup soccer 2010 from africa for playstation 2

Smoking outside the doors

Can you please re-evaluate your policy regarding smoking in the front of the library? Many times I have to walk through a cloud of smoke to return my books or walk into the library. Can you think about creating a smoking area at the back entrance to the library? I really would appreciate someone taking the time to think about this. It is not healthy to be walking through second hand smoke.

Google Class Held on Sept. 14th

Brad, I could not find your notes on This URL was not recognized. Plus you said you would expand the notes. If so, where will they be posted? Thanks.

Monday night donation

Hi Bookstore, On the 13th, around 8pm, I dropped off 4 bags (Holiday Market paper bag) of books in the back for the bookstore. I guess one of these books my son was not ready to part with - a large white cover hard bound book called "My First Dictionary". Do you know if this would still be on the premises? Could I buy it back?


holiday weekend hours

what are your hours for the labor day weekend?

Music Suggestion

Jazz Music Suggestion: XII [sound recording] / Brian Culbertson Tequila Moon/ Jessy J

proctoring services

Do you provide proctoring services? I'm taking an online course from an out-of-state university, and I need to find an institution that offers proctoring of exams. I'm a Canton resident. Thanks. Dave

Goodwill Donation Drive at Summit on the Park

Donate to Goodwill Industries and get a discount on your membership to the Summit on the Park. Drop off gently-used clothing and household items at the Summit for Goodwill's new Canton retail store September 12 through September 19, and you can receive an Individual Annual Membership to Canton's award-winning fitness and aquatic facility for $250 or a Family Annual Membership for just $550.

For more information, visit or phone (734) 394-5460.

Storytime for 2 yr olds

Just want to put in a request again that the 2yr old Storytime start a little earlier for the next session this winter. Ending at 10:30 makes it impossible for those of us that have to pick up older siblings from school. After I made this request last season I was told to try Family Storytime. We did and will not be doing that again. Besides my disappointment of having a different leader every week, trying to get a toddler to sit still when there's a cart full of toys in the room for the next event was no fun. Between the toys, piano, coat rack and windows that large room up front has too many distractions. I took my older son to the library all the time when he was younger but now there are so few time slots available I haven't been able to take my little one to anything! A 9 or 9:30 two yr old class would be awesome! Thank you for your consideration.

Book & Author Luncheon

The phone number (734-397-0999 x1197) listed at the Book and Author luncheon site at references the luncheon in May. Also I wanted to ask if sending in my request form prior to September 1 would be OK with the understanding it will not be processed prior to that date. If there is a better way to contact the luncheon organization either by phone or email to ask a question, please advise. Thanks.

CD Suggetions

I'd like to suggest the following cds: Euge Groove - Sunday Morning Jesse J - True Love Both are smooth jazz cds.

Marko Human Body DVD

Hi, this DVD for children titled Marko Human Body came out in 2009. You have the Marko DVD collection except for this one. It is rated very highly. Can you please purchase this for the library?

2010 Manga Drawing Contest Winners!

We had over 50 people enter our 2010 contest with some of the most amazing art we've ever seen! This year, for our 'Making Waves' theme, bonus points were awarded to those who incorporated something 'water related'. Kudos to all the creative ways you guys did this, including those who used water colors! So many people deserved recognition, but we had to limit ourselves to 3 winners and 4 honorable mentions for each age group. Take a look at all of 2010's manga entries to see the honorable mentions and all the other fantastic artwork! Here are the winners:


I have read that some libraries offer MANGO, an online language program that we can access from home. Do you have it/plan to have it?

Reserving a cd on line

I'm trying to request the All Time Greatest Hits CD by Barry White on line. It's available, yet I get a "not available for request" response.

Completing Summer Reading Logs

I recently e-mailed regarding suggestions for a program to come to in order to complete the summer reading log. Everything is either over or full. Suggestions? My previous e-mail neglected to state that my girls are in the read-to-me program and are 5 years old.


Is there any way that you can change the website so that to log in you only have to put in a password rather than the 14 digit library card code. I can remember a password but theres no way I can remember my library code.


The last study room - very cold. (well, all rooms are very cold)

waiting list for books

Was wondering what it meant if I was 35 of 35 holds. Does that mean I only have to wait for one more hold or 35 holds? Or if I am 7 of 8 holds does that mean Im waiting for 1 more hold or that Im just not the last one to be on hold for that book?