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great cd catalog

I would like to compliment your branch on your excellent cd collection. Often when using I notice that the items Im looking for are found at the Canton Public Library. Thanks so much!

Computers Class Schedule

Please e-mail the computer class schedule. Thanks

California Highway 1

Leila, in 4th grade, needs some information about California Highway 1. I can't find any books specific to this topic. Do you have suggestions? Thank you! Nancy Maleki

Going "OFF-LINE" - - -

Could someone explain why this site seems to go
"OFF-LINE" so frequently??
I get on here daily and at all hours of the day
and I have noticed (especially in the last month)
that this site is going off-line quite a lot - - -
in fact, it has happened to me
Are there some changes being made behind-the-scenes
or perhaps improvements being added that we don't
know about that are causing this?
Thank you.

Library Hours

Have we ever looked into extending the weekend hours of the library? It would be great to look into longer evening hours! Thanks!


Diwali is a Hindu holiday celebrated by Hindus wherever they live in the world. The name "Diwali" comes from the word "Deepavali" which means "row of Lights". This festival is the most widely celebrated festival in India, although the celebrations differ from place to place. There are some things about the festival that are common across the world. Some of these aspects are lighting of lamps, called "diyas", cleaning and sometimes painting homes, feasting with family and friends. The most important meaning of the festival is the celebration of the truimph of good over evil. It is also a time for renewing hopes for happiness and prosperity in life. The festival of Diwali can last up to five days. In 2010 the main celebration falls on Friday, November 5th. So Happy Diwali to everyone.

HD tv's

Hi, Is there a Consumer Report rating HD tv's? If so, could you send me the report? Thanks, Kris

book on hold

I'm curious to know why that an item I put on hold about 2 weeks ago(An item that was on order) I was number 3 out of 4 on a waiting list but now I'm number 17 out of 18. Just wondering how that works. Thankyou

Lost Library Card

I recently lost my library card and just want to have it blocked so whoever finds it can't borrow materials under my name ! Thanks

"Stuff the Truck" Diaper Drive November 17 & 18

Last year, you helped us collect over 17,000 diapers to benefit the Canton-based Detroit Area Diaper Bank. This year, we're going for a truck full. Fat Chef in a Little Coat owners Steve and David Hulett have donated a truck for the cause and our director, Eva Davis, will camp out while we fill it.

We're asking for your help to "Stuff the Truck" so bring diapers, any brand or size, baby through adult, to the library on November 17 and 18. Open packages, pull ups and swim diapers are all acceptable; if diapers are loose, please label with the size.

The Detroit Area Diaper Bank is a nonprofit charitable organization serving SE Michigan to meet the need for diapers at partner agencies working with people in crisis. Please help support those in need in our community with your donation.
DiaperDrive.pdf251.68 KB

Library Card

I've lost my library card key tag. I would like to get another card.

Storytime Registration begins Monday, October 25

Storytime registration begins Monday, October 25. Storytimes begin the week of November 8. Children must have their own library card to register for storytime.

30 Favorite Religious Thrillers Like The Da Vinci Code

A "religious thriller" is a suspense novel whose plot is closely connected to religious objects, institutions or questions. Here are 30 of my favorites I've enjoyed throughout the years:

Cross bones by Kathy Reichs

Salvation in death by J.D. Robb

Angels & demons by Dan Brown

The Europa conspiracy by Tim LaHaye and Bob Phillips

The last jihad: a novel by Joel C. Rosenberg

The Ezekiel option: a novel by Joel C. Rosenberg

The last days by Joel C. Rosenberg

The copper scroll by Joel C. Rosenberg

The lost symbol: a novel by Dan Brown

The rose labyrinth by Titania Hardie

The grail conspiracy by Lynn Sholes and Joe Moore

The last secret of the temple by Paul Sussman

The third secret: a novel by Steve Berry

Map of bones: a Sigma Force novel by James Rollins

Piercing the darkness by Frank E. Peretti

Excavation by James Rollins

The Da Vinci code: a novel by Dan Brown

Blasphemy by Douglas Preston

Black order by James Rollins

The twelfth Imam by Joel C. Rosenberg

The Templar legacy: a novel of suspense by Steve Berry

The footprints of God by Greg Iles

Kingdom come by Jim Hougan

Labyrinth by Kate Mosse

The Dante Club: a novel by Matthew Pearl

The Mephisto Club: a novel by Tess Gerritsen

The last Templar by Raymond Khoury

The templar salvation by Raymond Khoury

Windswept house: a Vatican novel by Malachi Martin

People of the book by Geraldine Brooks

Library Card

Hi, I live in Pinckney, MI and have heard great things about your library. I need to to know if I am able to get a canton card so I may borrow books.

Nicely done

Hello, I recently googled Canton Library and came upon your site. I was so impressed by the layout, the depth of information, and the ease of use. I can't tell you how disappointed I was when I realized that this library was not the Canton Baltimore library that I was looking for. Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your good work. Keep it up! Regards, Nate

Children's dvd's shelves

The suggestion is to stack the children's dvd's in an up-and-down way, one on top of another for ease in reading titles. Having noticed the Country Living mags were stacked that way recently, I'm wondering if it could work for the those dvd's as well. Would be much easier to read and browse titles, as long as as many dvd's could be stored on each shelf. Perhaps they would slide and slip more easily, but thought it worth considering. Maybe some kind of sectioning device is available. Thank you.

Westland library card holders cant hold or request books?!?

this is the dumbest thing ever. i like the canton library more then my own, thats why i come here. its ridiculous that i dont have the same benefits as the cpl orange card holders. this needs to change.


Teen Poetry Contest

Enter CPL's poetry contest and you could win a great prize. Entries will be accepted October 17-October 23; winners will be announced on October 28.

Contest Rules

  1. Poetry may be written and submitted by students entering 5th–12th grade
  2. Poem must be your original work
  3. Poem must be in the form of a Haiku or Cinquain
  4. Keep it clean — poems containing vulgar, profane, obscene, racist or otherwise offensive connotations will be rejected
  5. All poems submitted on paper must be typed in at least 12 point font on white paper
  6. Do not put your name on the same paper as your poem. This will allow judging to be done on a completely impartial basis
  7. All entries must have the following information on separate sheet of paper (or filled in the online submission form):
    • Poetry Contest
    • Name
    • Date
    • Grade
    • Poem Type
  8. The judges will use the following criteria: creativity, organization, substance, and overall presentation
  9. One entry per person

You can submit your poem using the form below:

Select the file for your poem from your computer and attach it to this form.

"THE CONFESSION" by John Grisham

I am wondering how long it takes to buy additional copies of a book?
This particular book, "THE CONFESSION" by John Grisham has had at least 53 holds on it since before JUNE of this year and has had the comment that
"13 copies ordered for Adult Fiction on 06-11-2010"

And there has been ONLY ONE BOOK AVAILABLE this entire time.
Also - do I get a response to my comment sent to my e-mail adderess as well as here?
Also - what does the term
"3 holds on first copy returned of 1 copy" mean??
Thank you for your earliest response.

"The librarians also keep an eye on which items have the most holds, and will buy additional copies when the number of holds"