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Baby storytime registration

Hello, I am a Canton resident and have a valid library card. The system will not let me register my child for baby storytime even though there are still spaces available. Does my child need his OWN library card in order to register (even though he is only 15 months and obviously *I* will be the only one checking out books, not him??) Thank you for any insight.

Request for referrals

Hello! I have a 7-year-old son and would like to find an age appropriate book about "the body." I found books about specific body parts and preschool books about the body but am wondering if there is something in between to educate him on the body (or even how boys are different than girls). A realistic fiction book would be great, or a nonfiction book that can educate at a 7-8 year-old level. Any suggestions regarding titles or authors is greatly appreciated!

Classes with registration required and multiple children

My daughter is 2 1/2 years old, is a Canton resident, and has her own library card. My sister is a Plymouth resident with a Plymouth Library library card and watches my daughter in my Canton home during the day. She would like to sign my daughter up for story time classes (which require registration) at the library but would need to sign her 6 month old son up in order to attend the classes. How can my sister go about being eligible for signing her son up for the Canton Library classes so that she can allow my daugther to participate?

Expiration on library card

I just saw on my account that my Library card will expire on my birthday. Why is this and what do i need to do come in and apply for another one?


Meeting Space

Hi do you have meeting space for roughly 8-10 people?

Thank you

Just wanted to say Thank you! We are new canton residents and are very pleased with all our library has to offer, from materials to classes, etc. You always seem to have what I need, or if you dont I request it from MEL (so easy!!) and it's there within days. Thank you for making our library so good and user friendly !!

Author Searches

I cannot figure out how the library enters authors for searches. There needs to be one standard. Two examples. 1. If I search and click on: Coben Harlan, I can see the 2011 book Live Wire and request it. If I click on: Coben Harlan 1962, the book is not listed. Same author, not found in the same search. 2. Connelly Michael, The Fifth Witness. Connelly Michael 1956, the book is not listed. Robert Parker can be searched under at least 3 different listings. One standard would help.


Baby story time

I tried to sign up for baby story time but when i try to register I get a message stating I'm not eligible to attend and see a librarian. Help.

Password Change

Please provide functionality to enable users to change their password online.

Unable to register for Family reading night program

The Canton library brochure delivered to our home mentions a Family reading night program funded by Target. I am however unable to find any details about this program on the library website.

Add Us To Your Phone

We have discontinued our text-a-librarian program.

2010-11 Budget Overview

To learn more about the value CPL provides, check out our new Library Value page and calculator.

great cd catalog

I would like to compliment your branch on your excellent cd collection. Often when using I notice that the items Im looking for are found at the Canton Public Library. Thanks so much!

Computers Class Schedule

Please e-mail the computer class schedule. Thanks

California Highway 1

Leila, in 4th grade, needs some information about California Highway 1. I can't find any books specific to this topic. Do you have suggestions? Thank you! Nancy Maleki

Going "OFF-LINE" - - -

Could someone explain why this site seems to go
"OFF-LINE" so frequently??
I get on here daily and at all hours of the day
and I have noticed (especially in the last month)
that this site is going off-line quite a lot - - -
in fact, it has happened to me
Are there some changes being made behind-the-scenes
or perhaps improvements being added that we don't
know about that are causing this?
Thank you.

Library Hours

Have we ever looked into extending the weekend hours of the library? It would be great to look into longer evening hours! Thanks!


Diwali is a Hindu holiday celebrated by Hindus wherever they live in the world. The name "Diwali" comes from the word "Deepavali" which means "row of Lights". This festival is the most widely celebrated festival in India, although the celebrations differ from place to place. There are some things about the festival that are common across the world. Some of these aspects are lighting of lamps, called "diyas", cleaning and sometimes painting homes, feasting with family and friends. The most important meaning of the festival is the celebration of the truimph of good over evil. It is also a time for renewing hopes for happiness and prosperity in life. The festival of Diwali can last up to five days. In 2010 the main celebration falls on Friday, November 5th. So Happy Diwali to everyone.

HD tv's

Hi, Is there a Consumer Report rating HD tv's? If so, could you send me the report? Thanks, Kris

book on hold

I'm curious to know why that an item I put on hold about 2 weeks ago(An item that was on order) I was number 3 out of 4 on a waiting list but now I'm number 17 out of 18. Just wondering how that works. Thankyou