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Become a Polyglot

pol·y·glot /ˈpäliˌglät/
Adjective: Knowing or using several languages.
Noun: A person who knows several languages.

Find Books, DVDs, and Periodicals in particular languages here at CPL on our Languages page. We also have multiple Language databases.

Selected Language Books

Dictionary of languages: the definitive reference to more than 400 languages by Andrew Dalby

Multicultural films: a reference guide by Janice R. Welsch and J.Q. Adams

Creating the multicultural organization: a strategy for capturing the power of diversity by Taylor Cox, Jr

Multicultural manners: new rules of etiquette for a changing society by Norine Dresser

The multicultural cookbook for students by Carole Lisa Albyn and Lois Sinaiko Webb

The healthy hedonist holidays: a year of multicultural, vegetarian-friendly holiday feasts by Myra Kornfeld; illustrated by Sheila Hamanaka

Come as you aren't!: feeling at home with multicultural celebrations by Norine Dresser

Tales alive!: ten multicultural folk tales with art, craft & creative experiences by Susan Milord

Celebrate the world: twenty tellable folktales for multicultural festivals by Margaret Read MacDonald; illustrations by Roxane Murphy Smith

A different mirror: a history of multicultural America by Ronald Takaki

Get started in Hindi by Rupert Snell

Materials By Language

Sports Books for Kids

Hockey hotshots: young stars of the NHL by Steele Filipek; with photographs

Hockey skills by James MacDonald

Hockey superstars 2009-2010: your complete guide to the 2009-2010 season, featuring action photos of your favorite players by Paul Romanuk

Girls' ice hockey: dominating the rink by Tami Johnson

Dino-hockey by Lisa Wheeler; illustrated by Barry Gott

How hockey works by Keltie Thomas; illustrations by Greg Hall

The Detroit Red Wings hockey team by Tim O'Shei

Frankenstein doesn't slam hockey pucks by Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones; illustrated by John Steven Gurney

Wayne Gretzky, hockey great by Thomas R. Raber

Hat tricks count: a hockey number book by written by Matt Napier; illustrated by Melanie Rose

The Kingfisher soccer encyclopedia by Clive Gifford

Soccer: the ultimate guide by written by Martin Cloake ... [et al.]

SpongeBob, soccer star! by David Lewman; illustrated by Stephen Reed

Soccer shootout by Jake Maddox; illustrated by Sean Tiffany; text by Bob Temple

How soccer works by Keltie Thomas; illustrations by Stephen MacEachern

The everything kids' soccer book: rules, techniques, and more about your favorite sport! by Deborah W. Crisfield

Ultimate guide to football by James Buckley, Jr

NCAA football 09: Prima official game guide by Mojo Media

National football league behind the scenes by Joe Layden

Scooby-doo! football fright by Gail Herman; illustrated by Duendes del Sur

The Michigan Wolverines football team by David Aretha

T is for touchdown: a football alphabet by written by Brad Herzog and illustrated by Mark Braught

Quacky baseball by Peter Abrahams; illustrated by Frank Morrison

Ultimate guide to baseball by James Buckley, Jr

Dino-baseball by Lisa Wheeler; illustrations by Barry Gott

Baseball by written by James Kelley

Just a baseball game by Gina and Mercer Mayer

The everything kids' baseball book: star players, great teams, baseball legends, and tips on playing like a pro by Rich Mintzer

Baseball ballerina strikes out by Kathryn Cristaldi; illustrated by Abby Carter

Basketball by Tracy Nelson Maurer

Brittany the Basketball Fairy by Daisy Meadows

The greatest basketball records by Matt Doeden; consultant, Craig R. Coenen

Basketball arenas by Thomas S. Owens

Swimming by Tracy Nelson Maurer

Swimming, diving, and other water sports by Jason Page

Tennis trouble by Jake Maddox; illustrated by Tuesday Mourning; text by Chris Kreie

How to improve at tennis by Jim Drewett

Tennis, anyone? by Shane McG

How to improve at cricket by Jim Kerr

Cricket by Rebecca Hunter

Extreme surfing by John Crossingham & Bobbie Kalman

How to improve at golf by Peter Parks

Golf for fun! by Sandra Will

Carnival Games [electronic resource (video game)]: mini golf

Adventurous Kids Reads

Picture Books

The adventures of Bert by Allan Ahlberg & Raymond Briggs

The adventures of Patty and the big red bus by Meghan McCarthy

The adventures of Polo by Regis Faller

All aboard! by James Stevenson

An anaconda ate my homework by Alice Schertle; pictures by Aaron Renier

Bee & Bird by Craig Frazier

Ben's big dig by Daniel Wakeman, Dirk van Stralen

Captain Sky Blue by Richard Egielski

Fortunately, unfortunately by Michael Foreman

The great White House breakout by Helen Thomas and [pictures by] Chip Bok

The legend of the Golden Snail by Graeme Base

Mr. Katapat's incredible adventures by Barroux

Mungo and the spiders from space by Timothy Knapman; illustrated by Adam Stower

Fiction Books

Unsinkable by Gordon Korman

Raiders' ransom by Emily Diamand

Into the wild by Erin Hunter

The billionaire's curse by Richard Newsome; illustrated by Jonny Duddle

Flight of the phoenix by R.L. LaFevers; illustrated by Kelly Murphy

Happenstance found by P. W. Catanese

Trundle's quest by Allan Jones; illustrated by Gary Chalk

Travel Books for Kids

The adventures of Marco and Polo by Dieter Wiesmüller; translated from the German by Beate Peter

All aboard!: a traveling alphabet by concept by Chris L. Demarest; illustrated by Bill Mayer

Bee & Bird by Craig Frazier

How to travel with grownups by Elizabeth Bridgman; pictures by Eleanor Hazard

The mystery of the third Lucretia by Susan Runholt

So B. It: a novel by Sarah Weeks

Where will Nana go next?: an illustrated tour of 19 places to go and things to do across America and the world by written by D.J. Frienz; illustrated by Sean Garber

The Berenstain Bears and too much car trip by Stan & Jan Berenstain

The Berenstain bears and too much vacation by Stan & Jan Berenstain

The Watsons go to Birmingham--1963 by a novel by Christopher Paul Curtis

Walk two moons by Sharon Creech

P is for passport: a world alphabet by Devin Scillian

London by Neil Morris

This is Rome by Miroslav Sasek

African animal alphabet by Beverly Joubert and Dereck Joubert

Hello, Europe! by April Pulley Sayre

Seven wonders of Ancient Asia by Michael Woods and Mary B. Woods

G'day, Australia! by April Pulley Sayre

South America, surprise! by April Pulley Sayre

Art Exhibits to Visit

Art on Display at the Village Theater at Cherry Hill — Art Exhibitions are free and open to the public Monday-Friday from 10:00AM-2:00PM.

Ford Road Art Sculptures — Public Art on Ford Road

Belle Isle Public Art Exhibit — June 18-24 on Belle Isle

Pure Michigan's Art Galleries Listing — hundreds of galleries, fairs, and exhibits

Detroit Institute of Arts — A world-class art museum in Detroit

Museum Adventure Pass — The Museum Adventure Pass program is sponsored by Macy's and it allows you to check out a pass for free admision to participating organizations.

Conquering Your Pain the Holistic Way

Will this Event be rescheduled for another time?

Starkweather Book Club Just Can't Get Enough of Katniss.

I have the pleasure of working with a fantastic group of young adults at the Starkweather Alternative High School. The Canton Public Library in cooperation with Starkweather was awarded an ALA Great Stories Club Grant last year. The book club was such a success last year we decided to continue meeting. We are currently reading the second book in The Hunger Games Series, Catching Fire. As with any good series, the group just couldn't wait to read more!

Suggested a New Book by John Grisham

I suggested a new book by John Grisham titled:
Theodore Boone:The Abduction (Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer) [Hardcover]
that will be released on June 6, 2011 and it says that I will be notified about the status of it and/or be added to the list if this book is in the libraries inventory, etc.
I have not heard anything. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? I have tried doing this before with other books.
Thank you.

Update on Services to Romulus Public Library Cardholders

Eva DavisCongratulations to Romulus residents, and to all Romulus Public Library cardholders, on the Romulus City Council's recent decisions to establish a PA 164 independent city library and appoint a five-member library board.

The newly-created library board's announcement that they will open the Romulus Public Library for eight hours, one day per week, through the first week of July, and their plan to fund the library at .12 mills after that for service three days per week, is a great start to getting the new independent library started.

However, with these hours, staffing levels, and funding levels, the Romulus Public Library will not meet the minimum requirements for state certification. As a result, the Canton Public Library will continue to enforce the April resolution by the CPL Board of Trustees not to honor Romulus Public Library cards, until the Romulus Public Library meets minimum requirements — among them, to be open at least 40 hours per week (assuming Class 4 public library status); to employ a full-time library director holding an ALA-accredited master's degree and who is certified by the Library of Michigan; and to establish local funding at a minimum of .3 mills.

Until that day, while Romulus cardholders may enter our library and use our services and materials in the building, you will not be able to checkout our materials or register for our programs. As always, non-resident cards may be purchased to receive full services at the Canton Public Library only, at a cost equivalent to what the average Canton property owner pays in annual taxes to support Canton library services. That rate is currently $170 per year.

The Romulus Public Library Board of Trustees has already made great strides in continuing public library service to their residents, and I am confident that they will soon be able to meet minimum standards. At that time, the CPL Board of Trustees will revisit the issue of reinstating reciprocal borrowing with Romulus.

Eva Davis' signature
Eva M. Davis, Director

Henna Workshop

Hello, My name is Kelly. I am a henna artist in Ann Arbor. I would like to offer the Canton library my services to teach a workshop for henna art to kids, teens and young adults. Henna is a great outlet for creativity. I provide all the henna for the kids, as well. Its an all natural paste of pure henna powder and oil. I have taught workshops to different groups in the past and they always go over very well. If this is something you would like to do, I'd be happy to organize a workshop. Kind Regards, Kelly Caroline 734 536 1705

Lefty's K-9 Service Honored

After working with the Canton Police K-9 unit for 8 years, Lefty was honored on Tuesday along with his partner, Offical Daniel Traylor, as police officers from neighboring communities attended. Lefty, a German Shepherd, has helped control crowds at Liberty Fest and was involved in other crime-fighting activities. He's making the transition from working to retired dog and will continue to live with Officer Traylor and his family. To learn more about German Shepherds, check this book out.

Gate Needed For Baby Nook - Also Additional Signage

Today we had a mom with two kids have one dash off. She had to leave her four-year-old unattended to run after her toddler. We brainstormed together the idea of putting up some kind of baby gate or barrier to help keep little ones in the baby nook. It would have the added benefit of discouraging the big kids from using that space. In addition, if you put "For 18 Months and Younger" in bigger letters on the wall facing the small sign, more people might see it. Not too many people take time to read the smaller print. I think this could all be accomplished at relatively little cost, but with great benefit. Thanks for considering our ideas.

Congratulations to the Worst Opening Sentence Winners!

The results have been tabulated and the winners in the National Library Week's Worst Opening Sentences Contest are:

First Place

"It had taken me 10 months of the most grueling investigating that I have ever done in my career, but I finally solved what may be the most difficult mystery of my life: Why she always brushed her tongue until the toothbrush made her gag."

Second Place

"Several ladies had decided to hold a rap fest at their dorm, sort of an old-fashioned ho' down."

Third Place

"When the smoke cleared, there sat the magical orange gerbil, and his toothpick army."

Thank you to everyone who participated in the celebration of National Library Week with the Canton Public Library.

Crunch Time

I see that there are now 3 new books of "Crunch Time" by Diane Mott Davidson, but that they are all for Lucky Day even though we were allowed to place this book on hold. There are 17 holds on it. Will the library be getting additional books in or will there be no books going out for general lending? Thank you.

Thorndyke Thoughts

Hey Kids!
If you look at this picture of me, you can see I'm not at CPL! The CTTS Staff and I went on a little field trip yesterday. We visited the Novi Public Library! The Novi Library built a brand new building last year and we went to look around. It's a pretty cool place. They even have a race car in the Children's Department called the Novi Special! And there are beautiful tiles to look at too. One even has a dinosaur bone in it. And just like at CPL, there a lots of fun computers to play on and interesting books to check out.
Did you know that Canton Public Library has "reciprocal borrowing privileges" with Novi Library? Those big words mean that CPL is friends with Novi Library, and that your Canton Public Library card works all the way over there! I think that's the coolest thing I learned on my tour. You should go "check out" the Novi Library (just a little library humor there!) but don't forget to come visit me too!
Bear Hugs!

computer skills

Why can't tweens and over join this? I really want to do the MS word 1 and MS word 2. please let me register for it.

Canton Library home page link to catalog search page

I'm only an occasional user of the Library website and then usually only of the catalog search page. I can't remember how I get there each time, so I usually start by entering an author or title in the home page search field then clicking the magnifying glass icon, which takes me to the actual search page. Then after the first search, I don't know how to get back to the search page, because I look at the links menu on the left side and no link is for the catalog. It is only after a period of several minutes scanning all the links on the entire page that I discover that the "Catalog" link at the left in the bold line at the top of the page takes me there. Possibly many people catch that right away, but it would help me greatly if the menu on the left side of the page would also list the catalog. Hope this feedback is helpful to you.

Our Nation's Symbol — The Bald Eagle

A friend's introduction to the live Eagle Cam at Norfolk Botanical Gardens is fascinating and quite an educational experience for all ages. This eagle couple has three chicks, or are they fledglings? Find the answer to this and the myriad questions you will have after viewing these majestic eagles. Check out this book on our nation's symbol Eagles and for adults, Eagles: Masters of the Sky.

Cyberparenting Forum

Wednesday, March 30
7:00-8:30PM in the Community Room

Join in the discussion and learn from our panel as we talk about cyberparenting, bullying and protecting our kids online. Panelists include P-CEP teens, Erin MacGregor, Plymouth High School’s associate principal; Will Burgess, a GrowthWorks counselor; Sara Boritzki, Canton Township Police Department’s school resource officer; and Ellen Pare, Canton Library’s adult services librarian. The discussion will be moderated by Laurie Golden, CPL marketing and communications manager, and Frank Ruggirello Jr., Plymouth-Canton Community Schools spokesman.