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Read a book

I read Henry Aaron's Dream. It was about how Henry never gave up on his dream nomatter what anyone said.

computer lab

Is there any way to have the keyboards and computer desk areas cleaned weekly or biweekly? I find that the keyboards and surrounding desk top to be filthy in the adult computer lab. I utilize the computer lab daily and am pleased that CPL offers a quiet and restricted area for patrons, however it would be even more appreciated to not find keyboards with hair, food crumbs, torn pieces of paper and eraser shavings all over them. Thank you for your assistance and concern.

I watched a movie


summer reading program

I am doing the summer reading program with my 7 grandchildren who live around the USA. I am not very computer savey but did register as a group. I am not sure how I report on how we did our reading or "projects". I did notice that there are a few other badges on the badge page that there are no listed experiences for; connect, lab rat, & volunteer, I did understand the registration one. Please help an old lady out! Thanks,

Saw A Movie

I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

read a book


Read a book

It was both interesting and a bit funny. Looking forward to seeing his mural at the DIA sometime soon.

I went canoeing with my family!

Our family rented a canoe in Hilton Head SC. And we canoed for and hour in a river.

The Kingdom-Clive Cussler

I am on hold for The Kingdom by Clive Cussler along with 17 other people. There are only Lucky Day copies. Will you be getting in general circulation copies or should I try another library? I am unable to catch Lucky Day copies since I work full time. Thanks.

Played in the backyard with our weimaraner, Odie.


I tweeted about sheep. A lot.


Read all of the Harry Potters for the first time.

Loved them! And finished them by the last movie!

Coolest Dream Ever!

Yesterday night, I had the coolest dream! I moved to this new huge house, which was right next to this haunted house, so we went in there and evacuated the ghosts (don't ask me!!!) My sister was on the swim team, and I was at her competition. I had the CUTEST kitten pet and I built, like, an 8 story house for her. And I had my dream pet-a robo dwarf hamster!!!!!!! :) It was pretty cool! ;)

I watched the Womens World Cup

I rarely watch soccer but I happened to be watching the USA v Brazil game. It got me hooked on the world cup.

Manga (anime)

A long time ago I checked out this manga series called Wild Act! and to be honest it was very good. The library got rid of it but it was very good and I think that you should think about getting it again. I very much enjoyed reading this series and it is one of my favorite Mangas. Thank you.

I went to the U of M hospital and discussed the science behind sleep with a neurologist!


New hold label stickers

Love the new hold item label stickies! GENIUS!

Thorndyke Thoughts

Hey Kids!
So LB and I have earned our next Connect Your Summer badge. LB had an adventure in Seattle, and we earned the Adventurer Badge! Before he left, I started reading all sorts of books about Washington State, so I knew where LB was going. It's quite a cool state! There are lots of mountains, and ocean. LB even saw a seal!

But the real adventure happened at Pike Place Fish Market. The Market is a lot like Canton's Farmers Market, except that it's open every day and is a lot bigger than ours. And they sell fish! They don't just sell fish, however, they also THROW them! When LB went to the market, they were throwing more than just fish. Here's a video to prove it!

Man. LB gets to have all the fun. Over on Flickr you can see all the other fun things LB did in Seattle, including his visit to Seattle Public Library. LB's just itching to get to go on another adventure soon. I can't wait to see where he goes next!

Goodness! The summer is almost half over! I'm going to have to start working double time on my badges to have them all earned by the end of the summer! Hope you are having fun earning all of yours! Until next time!
Bear Hugs!

read a kids cook book


Learned how to cook pasta with my mom.

It was really fun! although the hot sauce kept SPLASHING me in the chest!