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Thank You Steve Jobs

Like the rest of the world, we are mourning the loss of Apple founder Steve Jobs. His vision has transformed our lives, from computers, smart phones, to music and movies. President Obama remarked that "Steve was among the greatest of American innovators — brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it." We are forever indebted to the creativity of Steve Jobs.

Poems and Fingerplay Copyright

Some teachers from a local church are writing curriculum for a school in Liberia and would like to include some poems and fingerplays that are on your library's website. They are concerned about copyright issues, and I was unable to find copyright information with the resources at the URL /teller/poemsa.html. Are these poems and fingerplays public domain? If not, do you know where I can find copyright information for them? Rebecca Kilby Reference Librarian USC Upstate

Discussion of wine related books done last year.

Could you please send me the list of the books that were discussed in this series. Thank you

Resume Changes for the Unemployed

-Would you consider adding to your programs several more time offerings for rewriting resumes? It can mean the difference in standing out or just blending in when there are so many applicants for each position. In my case I had a very specific curriculum for my major but many years in the field and life experience as well. I'd like to know how to situate these in a resume. Thank you for your consideration!


the book is called Miss Lina's Ballerinas by Grace Maccarone. it will be loved by any little girl. very melodic

Good book about history for kids

Sweet Land of Liberty Gingrich, Callista

sanitizing wipes

As flu and cold season nears, it might be compassionate to supply sanitary wipes at the computer stations. Our tax dollars seem, to me, to include public health, safety and welfare. Thanks!

new background colors on CPL website

You sure want to make it hard for me. Every Monday I review the new books in the CPL collection. I see this 'crazy C' - then I see grey background and blue print. It really makes it hard to read as the crazy 'C' distracts and really doesn't make sense (yeh, I know it is supposed to mean Canton) but with all the extra dog bones, it makes it hard to read what I wish to read. Blue print on a grey-blue background does not cut it. Please consider (soon) going back to what can be read - like what you are reading from me - black on white. Thank you.

Golf -Putting

The title of the book I am requesting is ; Unconcious Putting by Dave Stockton. I think this would be helpful to many golf ers who read to improve! Thanks, Steve
Unconscious Putting
Stockton Dave

Teen Advisory Board

When does the Teen Advisory start? Do I need a form to apply?

to Suggest Materials

We love this Dino Dan show, and would love to check out DVD's of the episodes from Nickelodeon TV. Thank you.
Dino Dan
Nickelodeon TV
Where you saw it: 
on TV It's a nickelodeon show

Suggest to buy this Children DVD: Preschool prep Meet the letter sounds DVD

Suggest to buy this Children DVD: Preschool prep company: Meet the Phonics Series--Meet the letter sounds DVD

Thank you to our Creative Writing Instructor, Linda Papa!

The Canton Public Library would like to thank Linda Papa for 3 years of excellence in teaching. Linda, an instructor at University of Detroit Mercy, has been teaching our creative writing class for teens for the past 3 Summers. This class emphasizes free expression with a focus on artistic creation. Linda's patience and love for writing and teaching makes this a very popular program each summer. Over the next few weeks look for audio recordings of stories the students created in the class.


I've checked the local libraries - even the inter-library site. Canton Library has a book on order:A CRACK IN EVERYTHING. I'd be interested in the CD copy. Is it possible for me to request the book from the Canton Library. I live in Plymouth. Thank you. Mary Lou Horner

Digital Camera for Beginners

Why can't I find the above mentioned class in "Computer Skills" on the events catalog for October 8 @9:30 a.m.?

Senior Citizens Programs-Events

I have parents in their 80's, and I would like to know if the library has any programs/events for senior citizens. Also, would they be able to attend since they are in the Farmington Library district (Canton library has no stairs and this would allow them ease of use of a library) Thank you for your assistance.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: A Visual Dictionary

Two copies of this book were ordered April 1 of this year. Can you check and let me know what has happened to prevent their arrival? My son Elijah has been the first requester for months, and we are wondering when the book will come in. Thanks very much, Elizabeth Quan

Murder Will Out: The Godfather of Goth

John Cusack will portray Edgar Allan Poe, the "godfather of goth" in the upcoming movie The raven. Author Edgar Allan Poe forms a reluctant partnership with a police detective to catch a murderer who kills his victims by following elements of Poe's stories. Alice Eve plays Poe's love interest, Alice, and Luke Evans plays the police detective. The film is directed by James McTeigue. The raven is due in the theaters in March 2012.

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