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2011 Annual Report

Canton Public Library Connects Your Community.

For CPL, 2011 was all about people. A great library is a reflection of a great community, and it all boils down to people: hardworking staff, dedicated volunteers, loyal supporters, and a community that values and uses their library. Use of the library in 2011 was heavy, with a whopping 565,046 people coming through our doors. We remain the busiest single-location public library in the state of Michigan, with employees who demonstrate time and time again their commitment to serving our residents with excellence.

These 565,046 visitors checked out materials, gathered with colleagues, made new friends, used our computers, and were assisted by our highly-trained, expert staff. Our 2011 Annual Report provides highlights of our fantastic year with an emphasis on how people used the library, and how our staff made that possible through creative management of our resources and responding to the feedback we got from you, the users. We hope you enjoy this report on your library and we look forward to continuing to meet the needs of our community.


Eva Davis, Director


is there another dvd disc #3 to Judge John Deed Season 5. IMDB shows there were 6 episodes I've taken disc's 1 &2 out which have the first 4 episodes on them but can't see that there is a disc #3 in the system thanks

Amazing Race

Dear Sir/Madam: This is my first year as a librarian, and I will be teaching an 8th grade introduction to the library class this May. I am interested in doing an Amazing Race style game with them and saw that you had done one in the past. I would appreciate any specifics you would be willing to share with me. Thank you! Jodi Schrick Central Lyon High School Rock Rapids, IA


Hello, does the library have any typewriters for public use?

The Hunger Games Book VS Movie

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins — has lots of buzz right now. This article from compares the movie and the book and points out both the good and bad. How do you think the movie stacks up? Was it a hit or a miss?

change in email address

Hi, I am not sure how to change the email associated w/my library card. Would like to do so. New email address  will be discontinued as of 3/23. Thank you.

the fullmeatal alchemist ova collection

i was wondering if you could add the fullmetal alchemist ova's to the libraries collestion of anime dvds thank you

Donating books

Do you accept book donations? I have about 15 boxes of good books, almost all non-fiction related to education, politics and social issues largely. Michael

The Buzz about The Bee

A new champion speller will be crowned Thursday at the conclusion of the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition in Washington D.C. Don't miss the action starting at 8:00 PM on ESPN. Also, Bee officials announced on Tuesday that a world bee of the English language is in the preliminary planning stages for next year.

My list

How do I set up a books I have read list? Thank you.

Add 'ebook' as a material type

I have submitted suggestions to purchase a few ebooks and, when doing so, used 'other' as the material type because there is no option for a book-type of 'ebook'. I suggest that you add 'ebook' as a material type in your drop-down list of types to choose from when suggesting materials.


I am the editor of the Canton Woodbridge Estates Condominium Association newsletter and preparing an article to support the Canton library. I would like a copy of your logo to use with the article. Thank you, Ron DePentu

Davy Jones 1945-2012

1960's pop icon Davy Jones died Tuesday from a massive heart attack at the age of 66. Best known as the lead singer of the musical group The Monkees, Jones appeared in the band's television program from 1966 to 1968.

Lecture on BELOVED

Were the professors' lectures videotaped? Might they be put on the web for viewing? Any info is appreciated.

Quiet areas

People frequently are loud in the quiet zone. Maybe the can't see the small signs on the tables. Could there possibly be bigger signs posted? Thanks.

The Artist

The Artist has become the first silent film to win the Oscar for Best Picture since 1929 when the film Wings won the award at the very first Oscars ceremony. For more great films of the silent era try some of these titles from the Library's collection:

Broken blossoms [videodisc] by United Artists — A young Chinaman in London's squalid Limehouse district hopes to spread the peaceful philosophy of his Eastern religion. There he befriends a pitiful street waif who is mistreated by her brutal father.

City lights [videodisc] by a comedy romance in pantomime written and directed by Charles Chaplin — A tramp wins the love of a blind flower girl and attempts to obtain money from a millionaire to help her regain her sight

The Kid [videodisc] by [First National Pictures]written, produced, and directed by Charles Chaplin — The Tramp rescues an abandoned baby and raises him to become his inseparable sidekick

The gold rush [videodisc] by United Artists — A prospector goes to Alaska in search of gold and during a storm, he becomes trapped in a cabin with another prospector and an outlaw

The lodger [videodisc]: a story of the London Fog by Gainsborogough Pictures — A rash of murders causes a family to be suspicious of their tenant, a man who seems fascinated with their daughter

The man who laughs [videodisc] by Carl Laemmle presents a Universal Super-Jewel — A man whose features were distorted into a permanent grin becomes a clown with a circus troupe - where he meets and falls in love with a beautiful blind girl

Orphans of the storm [videodisc] — Two girls, raised as sisters, arrive in Paris on the eve of the French Revolution only the be cruelly and tragically separated

Pandora's box [videodisc] by ein Nero-Film — A beautiful young dancer is forced to flee her native Germany after a scuffle with her wealthy fiancee leaves him dead

meditation cds

Where do I find meditation cds at the library?

Community Room Program/Event Suggestion

Tole Painting Class. I.e. Host a local tole-painter to demonstrate tole-painting. You can even use the book "Tole-Painted Garden Furniture" by Areta Bingham, which is in the Library, to promote the event. People, like me, who are interested in painting and are preparing for Spring, will appreciate this class/event. Thank you for listening.

Soldier Bear Wins an Award

Soldier bear by written by Bibi Dumon Tak — is a wonderful, heartwarming novel based on a true story about a bear, Voytek, and a group of Polish soldiers who adopt him as a cub during World War II. Voytek grows into one smart bear who learns to act as a spy and carry bombs and, thereby, earns the honor of being made an official soldier of the company. While the horrors of war are not minimized, this delightful story keeps the reader laughing as it relates the crazy antics and mischief Voytek gets into. He is helped by a monkey and some dogs who are also part of the troop. During very difficult times he boosts the morale of all those he comes in contact with. Reading this real-life adventure, you realize just how special and emotionally fulfilling human-animal relationships can be. Drawings, actual photographs, a map, and an informative afterward enhance an already stellar piece of fascinating history.

Soldier Bear definitely earned ALA's 2012 Mildred L. Batchelder Award for the year's most outstanding translated children's book printed in the United States. It was originally published in the Netherlands in 2008. We are very fortunate this awesome story was made available to us in English!

Reliable George

George did it by Suzanne Tripp Jurmain ; illustrated by Larry Day — Do you ever get nervous about a big job you have been asked to do? George Washington did. Americans wanted George to be the first President of the United States, and George didn't want to do it. He was nervous about this huge job and all that it entailed. But George was a humble and reliable man, and he put aside his own feelings to help his new country when they needed him. A true hero, George Washington's birthday is on February 22.