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Read Hugo

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how do i fix it

Put on a awesome super funny puppet show.

Went Canoeing on the Huron River

I saw baby ducks, turtles, dragon flies, lily pads and a goose.

visited the farm animals at Greenfield Village

Took a trip back in time and saw the animals at Greenfield village today.

reading books by my favorite michigan author

I have been reading books by Jonathon Rand. He came to visit our school this past year and I have continued to read his Michigan Chillers and American Chiller books since that time.

Went swimming every day so far this summer

It is almost 1 week since school has been out and we have gone swimming at our neighborhood pool, the summit or our lake up north.

Had a picnic with my family

We packed a picnic lunch with our family to take to Greenfield village today.

watched a movie with a friend at home

My friend Parker came over and we watched the Garfield Movie. It was really funny.

fixed my own bike

My chain kept falling off my bike up north. Ususally my mom or dad fixes it because I don't like to get my hands dirty, but this year, I was able to fix it myself.

Went to my first travel soccer try-outs and did good!

This year was my first year to tryout for the travel soccer team. There were around 60 boys my age and I worked really hard and had fun.

I started our summer up north adventure

This summer our family will be going on outdoor adventures. Our first one was the day after school ended. We went on a 5 mile bike ride, took pictures on the way to recall our adventures. Later we went on a 2 mile hike in the woods.

visited Greenfield Village

Today we took a trip to Greenfield Village. We listened to Laura Ingles discuss her life. We also saw a show with the music of Gershwin, listened to the narative information on the steam engine ride and had a carosel ride on a almost 100 year old carosel.

Shared pictures of my Pumpkin

She's a little Shorkie from Homeward Bound rescue group.  She turned two last week and is a wonderful, sweet companion.

I saw Men in Black III in 3D

I saw Men inBlack III in 3D with my husbad and his brother.  None of us raelly cared for it.  We all agreed that the first Men in Black was the best.  I was disappointed that Tommy Lee Jones didn't have a larger part in the third movie.

Watched an interesting video about summer

The video was good and a little bit quirky. It told me about how Connect Your Summer is really cool.

Read on my Kindle

Anne's house of dreams by L.M. Montgomery

I read this book on my Kindle because I'm a total Anne of Green Gables Geek. 

Read two books I love: A Fairy Tale and Pinkalicious

volunteering position

Hi, My 16 year old daughter is very interested in volunteering at the Library. Can you tell me if there are any open positions for her this summer? Thanks. Denise