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Make Baked Kale Chips

bought fresh kale at the farmer's market and made kale chips instead of french fries - the were delicious!

Ate Healthy

Started reading the Hardy Boys Series

Went to liberty fest

It was fun


How often do you order new books?

Read How to Read your Mother's Mind

Gave a speech on which is better Gatorade or Powerade

Watched an interesting video about summer

The video was good and a little bit quirky. deafault

Read Red Zone

Read 101 Animal Secrets

Read the great ghost adventure

Read Hugo

i accidently put more than 1 badge

how do i fix it

Put on a awesome super funny puppet show.

Went Canoeing on the Huron River

I saw baby ducks, turtles, dragon flies, lily pads and a goose.

visited the farm animals at Greenfield Village

Took a trip back in time and saw the animals at Greenfield village today.

reading books by my favorite michigan author

I have been reading books by Jonathon Rand. He came to visit our school this past year and I have continued to read his Michigan Chillers and American Chiller books since that time.

Went swimming every day so far this summer

It is almost 1 week since school has been out and we have gone swimming at our neighborhood pool, the summit or our lake up north.

Had a picnic with my family

We packed a picnic lunch with our family to take to Greenfield village today.

watched a movie with a friend at home

My friend Parker came over and we watched the Garfield Movie. It was really funny.