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Found the missing remote!

Organized my Scrapbooking Studio

I love organizing my scrapbooking supplies almost as much as I love actually scrapboking!

Summer Reading Program

I would just like to say i am really enjoying this year's summer reading program!!! it is getting kids excited with the leaderboard!!!
Rockstargurly347 (:

Made Artisan Bread

I made the master recipie from the book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day  by Jeff Hertzeberg and Zoe Francois.  I was very pleased with my results... I am not an experienced baker!  My family thought it was delicious too!!

ate indian food

Did Tae Kwon Do

Camp Out Overnight In Your Backyard

Can't go anywhere else? Camp out in your backyard. See old things as new. Maybe even read a book by flashlight under the stars.


i think that people shouldn't be able to us their last years badges for this year.


Paper Airplanes and Jet Engines

On Friday, June 29 starting at 10:00 AM, join us in the Community Room to learn how to create a number of awesome paper airplanes, but it doesn't stop there. The kind folks at the Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology (MIAT) will discuss how and why we fly and fire up one of their real jet engines in the west side parking lot. How cool is that? This program is recommended for patrons aged eight and up. In case of rain, the program will remain in the Community Room.

[Paper Airplanes by Stuck in Costoms is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0]

Family Story Time and ABC Activity Time

Hi, Will the Family Story Time and ABC Activity Time be continuing in 2012? And if so will there be any dates on Saturday? If so please send the times. Thanks, Pam

summer program

did i miss something..what exactly are the qualifications for these program we choose one under each, do them all, are we reporting only online? is nothing happening at the library itself?? how are gifts this really attached to computer accessability??? other programs were easy to recognize..i am not clear on this..i always felt a strong part of the programs before was the personal contact with library staffers and the excitement that people generate...don t get that with a machine. more input needed..thanx I d appreciate it ..tell me why I should involve my grand ducks in scattering all over town instead of enjoying our library bldg and all its wonderful books and people...i don t see the structure of it all...i could see do x, get first glance with previous programs, i see do x and y and z and and maybe abc to get...a badge, maybe...a gift or a prize or something, maybe...yes it does end, that s good , but i m lost on the rest..

Summer Reading Program

With the summer reading program are there any "prizes" to earn besides the "virtual badges"? In the past couple years I received bowling, ice skating passes, sunglasses, a crown, bookmarks among other stuff. Will we be able to still get a book at the end?

Community Sports and Recreation

Sports can help us remain fit and stay in shape our entire life. Canton has a wide variety of sport related activities throughout the community:

I need a "MANUAL" to use this site . . .

Is there somewhere on this site where I can go to find out what all the different categories, sub-categories, buttons (such as EDIT, TRACK, ITEM HISTORY, MY RATINGS, PERSONAL INFO, ETC.) what they all mean and/or what they are used for??

renew my library card please

please renew my library card thank you Maureen Stewart


I've been trying to figure out how to pay my fines online, when I go into my account, it shows the fines and their breakdown, but I cannot seem to find a "pay" option.

Getting kicked back to Login page on My Account

I have recently logged on to check due dates and renew books for myself and two other family members (3 different barcode numbers)and am repeatedly kicked back to the Login page. This happens every time I click any option on the account page..."Renew Selected", "Renew All", "Sort by Due Date", and "My Lists", especially. Is there a known problem with the system or do I need to check a setting on my browser software?

Non-Canton Resident & Metro Net Online Library

Is the MNOL a feature that only orange card members can access? I ask because I'm unable to set up an account with the site using the local library card number that I used to set up my Canton library account.

The eBooks page does say to use your CPL card number but the Loan Policies pages doesn't list it as only available to orange card holders (as it does with video games) so I wanted to ask to be sure.


application for short story contest

Where is the exact location of the entry form for the teen short story writing contest?

Movies About Water

This is an example of the plentiful recommendations we have in store for Summer Reading, which starts Monday, June 21st.

Summer Reading should be fun, right? What could be more fun than a delightfully romantic film?

I know where I'm going — simply one of the best romantic films ever. Shot in the gorgeous western islands of Scotland, the ocean is practically one of the characters in this movie.

Fool's gold — Lost treaure? Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson? Sign me up.

Houseboat — Cary Grant stars as a widowed dad living on a houseboat--who just happens to hire Sophia Loren as a governess.

Three coins in the fountain — It had me at Louis Jourdan.

An affair to remember — It may end at the Empire State Building, but it all starts on a ship.

Operation petticoat — Okay, Okay. This is the third Cary Grant film on my list, but, really — Cary Grant — what's not to like?

The African Queen — has it all: drama, romance, adventure and incredible acting from Hepburn and Bogart.


Romance is great... ...but how about a little action?

The hunt for Red October — Alec Baldwin + Sean Connery + Submarines = Epic win

U-571 — A World War II submarine and espionage thriller. If you're looking for more submarines, try K-19, Crimson Tide, das Boot, or The Abyss.

Captain Horatio Hornblower — A classic film based on the classic series of novels.

Splash — Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah devise a clever plot to rule the ocean in this perennial action favorite. See also The Little Mermaid

Master and commander: the far side of the world — Russell Crowe can really kick butt.

Jaws — I think this one has to do with sharks.

Titanic — No joke: despite the sappy love story, this film is an action-packed James Cameron vehicle.

Have your own suggestions? Post them in the comments for others to enjoy!