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Renewing books online

I have logged into my account but cant seem to find where I can renew my books or even look at the items checked out. Help please Smile Thanks!

new stores/developments

I'm always interested to know what is being built, what new businesses are going in, and which businesses are moving. When I see bulldozers or other activity, I always wish there was a sign or something that would indicate what's happening.

There's a new building being built next to the CVS at Cherry Hill and Canton Center. Rumor has it that the Dairy Queen (currently located next to Lucky Hair Company) is moving in there, but the building looks big enough that it could hold more than just a DQ.

I also noticed that the vacant lot at Warren and Lilley is being worked on.

Does anyone know the skinny on these or other changes? Is there an existing place to find this info online?


July Meeting Feedback / Discussion

We had a small turn out for this last meeting, but I wanted to thank everyone who came! The cosplay costumes I saw were awesome!

Lulu's Art Stuff: Roxas and Soul

This is thelifeofabinder from the original forums (and on deviantART)!

Decided to start out with some fanart! I have a lot of art saved up on my computer. Smile Enjoy!

This is Roxas from Kingdom Hearts of course~


and I LOVE Soul Eater! Plus, Tegaki is awesome. You haven't been there yet, definitely go check it out!



nerd-kun whats going on? i am totally confused. can someone explain whats up with the forums?
obviously ive been gone to long.
how do we messaged and such? why was the site changed? it was much better the way it was!
at least animanga is wednesday, i can just figure it out then -3-

June '09 Meeting Feedback

If you would like to talk about last meeting this is the spot! Feedback is always welcome -both the good and the bad. Thank you to everyone who came! I meant to mention the forum at the meeting but with so much going on I got a little side tracked. We'll see if there are people who came who notice this thread; hmm....I'll have to remember to talk about it next meeting.

Game On/Green Thumb Flower Tournament: Grand Championship

As part of Connect Your Summer, the Game On and Green Thumb badges have teamed up to do a flower tournament! Only one flower can be crowned the best flower of summer, and it's up to you to decide.

Each week during Connect Your Summer, two flowers will duke it out for your votes. The flower with the most votes will continue on in the tournament. Last week, lily-of-the-valley beat daisy in the semi-finals. This week is our last week of the tournament, and our Grand Championship! Rose and lily-of-the-valley go leaf to leaf!

Vote for your favorite flower below, and don't forget to claim your Green Thumb or Game On badge!

Sign in to vote for your favorite flower:

45% (5 votes)
55% (6 votes)
Total votes: 11

Connect Your Summer Final CELEBRATION!

Come one - come all! We are celebrating the end of our Connect Your Summer reading program. We have something for everyone including:

We promise an afternoon of fun, food, games and prizes for all ages in our big back yard on Saturday, August 17 from 11:00 to 1:00 PM. Join us!!!

Brainy Games

scrabble boardEarn your Geek Out badge by playing Words With Friends or Scrabble online. Learn new words while having fun. Or take your choice of a host of other puzzle, hidden object or word games. Online chess is a good one as well. Games can be played on Facebook or independent of it. Start those brain games now!

CPL Wins National Award

Library Journal cover, 2013-04-01We have great news to share with you! The Canton Public Library has been named the inaugural recipient of the 2013 LibraryAware Community Award, co-sponsored by industry magazine Library Journal and LibraryAware, part of EBSCO Publishing's NoveList Division.

The award "emphasizes the library's engagement with the community," and is an acknowledgement of the tremendous accomplishments of the library staff. Since I became library director in 2008, we have focused on the community through our partnerships, volunteers, programs, and services. The strategic vision of our library board guides our work; the support--moral and financial--given to us by the Friends of the Library is essential to our success; and our partnerships with the Township, area schools, businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations help us Connect Your Community. My staff uses these connections to provide you with programs, collections, and services that improve Canton's quality of life.

Most importantly, we owe our successes to the patronage and support of our community. You are the key to what we do every day, to the tune of nearly 600,000 visits and 1.8 million items circulated annually.

I am proud of my staff for their hard work, and thrilled to see them recognized on a national level. We are planning a Community Celebration on May 10 (details to follow). Please mark your calendars and plan on joining me in congratulating our fine library staff on winning this award!

Eva sig
Eva M. Davis, Director

Found the missing remote!

Organized my Scrapbooking Studio

I love organizing my scrapbooking supplies almost as much as I love actually scrapboking!

Summer Reading Program

I would just like to say i am really enjoying this year's summer reading program!!! it is getting kids excited with the leaderboard!!!
Rockstargurly347 (:

Made Artisan Bread

I made the master recipie from the book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day  by Jeff Hertzeberg and Zoe Francois.  I was very pleased with my results... I am not an experienced baker!  My family thought it was delicious too!!

ate indian food

Did Tae Kwon Do

Camp Out Overnight In Your Backyard

Can't go anywhere else? Camp out in your backyard. See old things as new. Maybe even read a book by flashlight under the stars.


i think that people shouldn't be able to us their last years badges for this year.


Paper Airplanes and Jet Engines

On Friday, June 29 starting at 10:00 AM, join us in the Community Room to learn how to create a number of awesome paper airplanes, but it doesn't stop there. The kind folks at the Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology (MIAT) will discuss how and why we fly and fire up one of their real jet engines in the west side parking lot. How cool is that? This program is recommended for patrons aged eight and up. In case of rain, the program will remain in the Community Room.

[Paper Airplanes by Stuck in Costoms is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0]

Family Story Time and ABC Activity Time

Hi, Will the Family Story Time and ABC Activity Time be continuing in 2012? And if so will there be any dates on Saturday? If so please send the times. Thanks, Pam