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Recipe Exchange

Share your favorite recipes, or discover new ones.

Bring in several copies of your favorite recipe (printed out on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper and paper clipped together) to put in the Recipe Exchange kiosk located by the Reception Desk and earn your Chow Down badge. Look at the recipes others have left, and take home a new recipe or two.

If you prefer to share your recipe online, simply add the recipe in a comment to this blog post.

Bon Appetit!

email notification

How can I receive email notifications when a book is due?

The Locavore Way

The Locavore Way: Discover and Enjoy the Pleasures of Locally Grown Food by Amy Cotler

Local eating has been in the news a lot the past few years, but how easy is it really? Easier than you'd think, and this book is chock full of ideas. It also outlines the many benefits, both personal and for the community and the world at large, of a locavore lifestyle. Looking for local food here in Canton? The Canton Farmers Market has fresh goods May through October and Calder Dairy delivers and is available along with other local goods at stores like Holiday Market. Are there other local options that you've discovered in Canton? Please share in the comments.

Looking for book

I'm looking for this book but could not find it in state through Melcat. would you mind helping me to borrow/loan from the library outside of state.

Library Card Has Expired

I can email my verification of employment in Canton if needed to renew my library card.

Help Us Help You - Week 1 (of 5) - About YOU

Help Us Help YouEach week we will have a blog post in which members of the CPL community can respond to get know one another. Your feedback will also be included in the Help Us Help You research and help focus our efforts. Please sign in and take our survey. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may also take the survey without signing in.

This week we would like to know (in the comments) — What inspires you?

Celebrate Poet's Day!

Celebrate Poet's Day on August 21st. Take the time to honor your favorite poet, especially if it's yourself! Write a poem, read a poem or perform a poem.  You could even comment on this post with one of your favorites.

Read a sprots book.

Connect Your Summer 2014

Join us Monday June 16 for our 2014 Connect Your Summer reading program Opening Day! Patrons of all ages are encouraged to stop in and learn about this year's badges and all of the exciting ways to earn them. Staff will be on hand to help you get started and explain all the ways to win exciting prizes. Fun activities will also be happening throughout the day:
  • Decorate your own tote bag to carry your summer reading library haul.
  • Try to guess the number of lollipops in our jumbo guessing case. 
  • Make and take your very own bookmark.
  • Have your picture taken in our special CYS photo booth.
  • Enjoy a cookie compliments of Max & Erma's (while supplies last)

All activities will take place from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm in the Community Room WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. 

how do you get the commentator badge?

i have seen lots of people who the commenter badge.

Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time

I am working my way through the thirteen volumes of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time (WoT) series in anticipation of the final volume (A Memory Of Light) to be released next January. Do you know when it might be added to our catalog so I can get on the request list? Specifically, I'm interested in requesting the book-on-CD version of A Memory of Light. Thank you. BTW, the WoT audio books are OUTSTANDING! Readers (no, performers!) Michael Kramer and Kate Reading have done a magnificent job of really bringing to life the complex WoT world. After thoroughly enjoying several of the books in print form on my prior pass through the series, I picked up an audio version of the next one for a long driving trip. It was even better!!! The individual characters come to life. The WoT world is somehow richer. (And you don't have to stumble over the unfamiliar long names, like Tel'aran'rhiod.)

Restaurant Review

Have you been out to a great dinner lately? Did you experience excelent service? Maybe you tried a new restaurant? We want to know. 

Grab a bite at a local Canton restaurant, share your experiences with us and earn your Chow Down badge. Post a restaurant review with the name of the restaurant, when you visited and a breif description of your experience. Include comments about the food, service and ambiance. 

Happy Chowing!

Listened to jb


Movie Challenge 2: Earn a Secret Badge

Movie Challenge 2: watch two (or more) animated movies by Dreamworks to earn your Curtains Up Badge. To earn a super secret badge too, make a comment to this very post here ranking what you watched.

Shrek [videodisc] by Dreamworks Pictures presents a PDI/ DreamWorks production

Spirit [videodisc]: stallion of the Cimarron by [presented by] DreamWorks Pictures

Chicken run [videodisc] by Dreamworks pictures in association with Pathe presents an Aardman Production

Movie Challenge 1: Earn a Secret Badge

Movie Challenge 1: watch two (or more) movies/tv shows involving… Robin Hood. There have been a gazillion remakes. Make a comment to this post ranking what you watched to earn a secret badge besides your Curtains Up (see comment example below).

The story of Robin Hood [videodisc] by Walt Disney

Robin Hood [videodisc]: men in tights by Twentieth Century Fox ; a Brooksfilms production ; in association with Gaumont

The adventures of Robin Hood [videodisc] by a First National picture

Wishbone [videodisc]: Paw prints of thieves by written by Adam Felber ; produced by Betty Buckley ; directed by Ben Vaughn

Giant Scrabble

I just saw the picture of your giant scrabble game. I am very impressed. I would like to setup something like this at my library. Can you send me any details about how you did it? Thanks, Pauline Lynch Shostack Electronic Resources Librarian Coulter Library SUNY Onondaga Syracuse, NY

summer reading program

PLEASE - go back to a summer reading program that ACTUALLY involves READING! Earning virtual badges on the computer has NOTHING to do w/summer reading. My goal is to get the kids OFF the computer.

Zentangle class suggestion for Canton Library

Hello. I have recently completed my accreditation as a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), and I’m reaching out to the community for opportunities to share this art form through classes and workshops. If you haven’t been introduced to Zentangle yet, an article on the technique will be published in the August issue of Michigan Scrapbooker, a free paper arts magazine ( Zentangle is focused pattern drawing that creates a structured yet flowing artwork one line at a time. Concentrating on each individual stroke allows your mind to unwind and relax. You can see some of my Zentangle work on my website: - May 24 - May 9 - April 21 You can learn more about Zentangle at: Zentangle works as a stand-alone art method, and it offers numerous possibilities to create specific projects. If this is something that interests you, I am happy to meet with you and demonstrate this fun, meditative process. Thank you. Sincerely, Diana Hirsch 734-658-7066

Library card expired

Dear Librarian, Hello according to your records my library card has expired. How can I resolve this so I can reserve a book online. Thank you

You must come into the library to renew your library card. Please bring your picture ID with you. Then you can reserve your choice of books online or in the library. Thank you for asking ASKCPL!
The Chose
Chaim Potok