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drew a picture of a flower


Destination College Savings

Is the library taking part in the "Destination College Savings"? Please see the link below for information on this along with some of the details below: This program encourages children to read this summer, while also giving parents a chance to win $1,500 toward their child’s future college education and $1,000 for their local library! Enroll your child in the Summer Reading Program at your local library. 1.Ask library staff for information on the Destination College Savings sweepstakes. 2.Fill out the official sweepstakes entry card and return the postage-paid card to your librarian or drop it in the mail. 3.Pick up MESP and MET brochures to learn more about saving for your child’s future college education. Regards, Mike

Created five 8X8 scrapbook pages using photos from an Alaskan cruise


I created an origami rose, which took me a very long time to make.

The origami rose is very hard to make, so my rose may not be perfect in the picture.


Played Ultimate Frisbee at Freedom Park

Found a pickup game after disc golfing. We played for over 2 hours in the rain!


Duct Tape Mania

Wednesday, July 20, at 2:00PM tweens and teens going into grades 5-12 can make awesome creations out of duct tape. Registration opens July 6th.

Canton Dog Park

On Friday, May 20, Canton's new dog park opened at Preservation Park in Cherry Hill Village. The park provides a safe off-leash environment for dogs and their owners.

Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated, and entrance to the park is $25 annually for Canton residents or $50 per year for non-residents. There are separate sections of the park for small and large dogs.

A grand opening celebration is planned for later in the Summer. Find out even more about the park at the Canton Patch.
[Photo courtesy of Canton Patch]

New Books for Kids

Picture Books

The abandoned lighthouse by Albert Lamb; illustrated by David McPhail

Stellar stargazer! by Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser

The bedtime book for dogs by Bruce Littlefield; illustrated by Paul S. Heath

Who's there? by Carole Lexa Schaefer; illustrated by Pierr Morgan

Gilbert Goldfish wants a pet by Kelly DiPucchio; illustrated by Bob Shea

Brownie & Pearl take a dip by Cynthia Rylant; pictures by Brian Biggs

When a dragon moves in by written by Jodi Moore; illustrated by Howard McWilliam

Tucker: little dog lost & found by Danny Sit

Perfect square by Michael Hall

Bear with me by Max Kornell


Ruby Lu, star of the show by Lenore Look; illustrated by Stef Choi

The royal treatment: a Princess for hire novel by Lindsey Leavitt

Bad kitty meets the baby by Nick Bruel

The absolute value of Mike by Kathryn Erskine

The runaway spell by Lexi Connor

Lucky cap by Patrick Jennings

Horrid Henry rocks by Francesca Simon; illustrated by Tony Ross

The grave robber's secret by Anna Myers

Attack of the shark-headed zombie by Bill Doyle; illustrated by Scott Altmann

Calvin Coconut: hero of Hawaii by Graham Salisbury; illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers

The secret of Rover by Rachel Wildavsky

"A Game of Thrones" Hits the Big Screen

George R. R. Martin's medieval fantasy series Song of Ice and Fire is being made into an HBO television series. If you are a fan of this popular series, be sure watch the clips of the Making Game of Thrones.

A game of thrones by George R.R. Martin

A clash of kings: book two of A song of ice and fire by George R.R. Martin

A storm of swords by George R.R. Martin

A feast for crows by George R.R. Martin

Library Receives QSAC Certification; Commendation

The Canton Public Library was recently awarded a certificate of completion for meeting the Essential Level requirements of the Quality Services Audit Checklist (QSAC) by the Library of Michigan.

QSAC has defined "essential services" — the basics of all library service — as relatively low-cost standards that every library can and should achieve. The Canton Public Library has demonstrated competence in seven categories including human resources, governance/administration, services, collection development, technology, facilities and equipment, and public relations/marketing.

In recognition of the QSAC award, State Senator Patrick Colbeck and State Representative Dian Slavens paid a special tribute to the Canton Public Library. Senator Colbeck presented a commendation to library director Eva Davis.

new book being ordered

the book The Dead Town by Dean Koontz. you have ordered a copy on CD. will you be ordering the actual book? if so, when?

What does in transit +1 hold mean?

So i got a book on hold and it says 1 out of 1 hold on first copy, the first copy of the book say in transit + 1 hold. What does this mean?


Tickets Available for Michael Connelly's Author Talk

Note: Tickets for this event are sold out as of Thursday, April 7, 2011.

Everyone's Reading author, Michael Connelly will talk about his life and experience writing The Lincoln Lawyer, part of the Mickey Haller series. Mr. Connelly will speak on Thursday, April 14 at 2:00PM at The Community House in Birmingham and at 7:30PM at The Jewish Community Center in West Bloomfield. Tickets are free and available to Canton Public Library cardholders at the library's Adult Reference Desk.

Copies of The Lincoln Lawyer will be available for purchase and signing, courtesy of the Book Beat bookstore.

How the Governor's Proposed Budget Affects CPL

Governor Snyder released his budget proposal last week, and as expected, the news is grim. The cuts to public, school, and university libraries across the state are significant, and will affect the services that CPL will be able to provide to our community — namely, interlibrary loan and research databases.

The Governor has proposed cutting state aid to libraries to $3 million. The statutorily-required funding is $15 million. The current funding level of $5 million automatically qualifies the state to receive a federal matching grant of $5 million, which pays for MeLCat (statewide interlibrary loan) and the Michigan eLibrary (MeL — statewide research databases). Cutting state aid results in a cut to, and possibly a loss of, the matching grant, which puts MeL and MeLCat in jeopardy.

MeL and MeLCat exemplify the resource-sharing, aggregation of services, eliminating duplication of effort, and economies of scale that the Governor has emphasized over and over. More than 300 libraries — public libraries, K-12 libraries, and university libraries — pool this funding to provide services to Michigan residents. The $5 million investment by the state nets a $5 million matching grant, and saves taxpayers nearly $72 million annually, when you consider the cost to each library if they had to purchase these same resources on their own.

The Michigan Library Association has released a response to the proposed 40% cut to state aid to public libraries, and the impact of these cuts to interlibrary loan services and research databases. MLA President Christine Berro, Portage District Library, states,

Libraries are the only community that has successfully achieved statewide group purchasing which the Governor has called for — saving the state $72 million — and that is now at risk. The MeLibrary, MeLCat interlibrary loan and MeL Tests and Tutorials — all resources used for research, education, job seeking and preparation — are in jeopardy. These services are invaluable to students at all levels and across the education spectrum.

For CPL, we estimate it would cost more than $300,000 annually — which we don't have due to our own budget cuts — if we had to subscribe to the MeL research databases on our own (every database listed here that has a purple box with an "M" is a MeL research database; that's 29 out of the 68 we offer). In 2009, 385,523,800 searches were made in MeL by 1,211,455 users.

Canton residents request about 18,000 books from other libraries through MeLCat interlibrary loan annually; without MeLCat, each interlibrary loan would cost a minimum of $5 (some go as high as $20), or about $100,000 annually.

We know how valuable these services are to you, and will continue to monitor the state budget proposals through the revisions that are sure to come.

Eva M. Davis, Director

Storytime times

This is my third time contacting the library about story time this year - always with the same complaint. I can't tell you how disappointing it was to receive the new brochure and see that once again there are no family story times earlier than 10:00, and that once again we would not be able to take advantage of the programming offered. I completely understand that funding is down and the library isn't able to have as many programs available, but couldn't there at least be one day a week with a 9 or 9:30 story time? Please take this into consideration for the next time any changes are made. Thank you.

Best in Show

Hickory, a 5-year old Scottish deerhound from Virginia, won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden. She is also the first of her breed ever to win America's top dog prize. The other final contestants were: a Pekingese, Portuguese water dog, Chinese shar-pei, smooth fox terrier, bearded collie, and a black cocker spaniel.

Thorndyke Thoughts

Hey Kids!
Thorndyke here. I found out there's another Blogging Bear, named Sleepy Bear way across the country in the Seattle, Washington area. You can see his blog right here! Now, I haven't met many other bears that blog, so I'm curious and want to be friends. Washington state is really far away. Do you know anything about it? Maybe Sleepy Bear will tell us all about it.
Maybe we can be Cyber Pen Pals! Do you know what pen pals are? Back before there was the internet or email people used to write letters, put stamps on them and put them in the mail to send to people! And then the other person would write back! It took a lot longer than email, but was sure a lot of fun!
So Sleepy Bear, if you're reading this, write back and let's be friends!
What do you think, kids? Will we hear from Sleepy Bear? I sure hope so! Until next time,
Bear Hugs!

Following up on Pluto's Demotion

In 2005 Mike Brown discovered Eris which was slightly larger than Pluto. This discovery sparked a series of international debates resulting in the demotion of Pluto to a dwarf planet. Brown recounts his controversial discovery in this part memoir and part planetary saga in How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming.
Barrie W. Jones' Pluto: Sentinel of the Outer Solar System delves into discussions of scientific discovery as well as an exact account on Pluto, its satellites and its controversial re-classification.

Old Newspapers

Do you know where I could find out what year the Julien's Party Store was closed? It was on Canton Center and Ford for 54 years.

Book suggestion for our library

Hi, Below is a link to Shrinivas Thanedar's inspiring memoir, a multifaceted person who pursued the American dream after being raised and brought up in a family with meagre means from Belgaum, India. It will definitely be aasset to our library collecion.The book is in marathi and english too. Thanks, Ashwini
Nicholas Delbanco
Where you saw it: