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Ate at the Omelette and Waffle Cafe

This restaurant is in downtown Plymouth. I've been there many times and always enjoy it. This morning's trip was no exception. Their food is fantastic! Many different types of omelettes to choose from, great hash browns, waffles and pancakes. I highly recommend going there.

Walked around the Plymouth Art Fair

Made sure to go down every street so I wouldn't miss anything. It was very hot, but I enjoyed perusing  all the arts and crafts.

Enjoyed the outdoors

These black-eyed Susans are growing behind the library near the pond. I walked back there during my lunch hour to take some pictures.

attended library program

See how pretty they are?! I attended at library Ribbon Weave Barrettes program. It's hard frome beginning. I did it by the end.

Brothers and Sister Season 5 Discs 1,2,3

I have been checking the library website for the availability of these three DVD's and have noticed that they were billed back in Sept. 2011. Do you plan to followup on this or replace these missing DVD's from the final season of Brothers and Sisters? I am very interested in viewing the concluding season. Many thanks!

attended library program

I attended library program chalk art. The artist has some cool stuff. And I made my own story on the sidewalk.

Watched "The Amazing Spiderman" @ Canton 6

started watching Lark Rise to Candleford

We started watching Lark Rise to Candleford, a British TV series which stars many of my favorite British actors: Dawn French, Mark Heap, Brendan Coyle, and more. I was delighted to realize that Dorcas is played by Julia Sawalha of AbFab!

I went on a long bike trip.

I biked with my whole family. My 1 year old sister and my 4 year old sister went on a trailer. My Dad rode his bike that was atached to the trailer that my two young sisters were in. My mom and my 6 year sister biked on a two seater bike. Me and my 9 year old brother just biked along. My grandma biked with us. But since we biked so far our grandma had to turn back. We biked to all of the DIA Inside Out Canton paintings. We toke a picture of ourselves at every painting. Also my two younger sisters fell asleep on the trailer that was hooked to my dad's bike! We also got an icecream stop. All together we had a great time biking as a family. I Love the Libary!!! And if I won a prize I would love the libary even more!!!


I got NINFAGO for 4th of July. Cool! I spent a lot of time to built it. Now I can play with my brother.

Read The Westing Game

Great book. Mind twisting.

Watched a mystery movie.

went to greenfield village

i learned about so much about history and not to be bored i also had fun there

read some books on papercrafting and created some one of a kind mini-cards

I love googley eyes and I thought they were the perfect embellishment for these two paper designs.

i watched storage wars

attending library program

Snack Tales. We listened two storys and decorated a cupcake.

took our older dog to the vet and got permission to remove his cone

Brodie's scratched cornea is healed so he's free to play and frolic.

Visited Beaver Island, MI

I took this picture from the top of Mt. Pisgah looking down at Lake Michigan.


Hi, i was a member of the Westland library for years, and while I understand that not every library is the same the Canton library offers far fewer programs for children. Even after 2 years my daughters still beg to go to the Westland for Sidewalk chalk, craft days, guessing jar, weekly prizes, friendly staff who remembered our names, consistent story times. My daughters love story time, but at Canton, there are so many breaks and excuses for breaks we can't keep up. There is no incentive to go to the library with the connect program. It really feels like the librarians do not truly want children there which is a feeling many in my neighborhood have expressed as well. Maybe if some of the librarians that have children were able to make more decisions, things might be able to change. Here's to hoping one day my daughters actually like our library.

continued to teach myself how to quilt

Today I made my quilt sandwich and basted it together. I've been using a selection of quilting books from CPL's collection to teach myself how to do this project. Next up: stitching in the ditch to actually quilt it together!