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Teens Vote For Your Favorite Book

Teens, It is time to vote for your favorite book of the past year.  The Michigan Library Association give the Thumbs Up! Award annually to the author who writes a book with the most teen appeal.  After you vote, don't forget to claim your LOVE IT badge online.

New Library card.

I lost my library card and got a new one. Now I can not get into my old
account or the new account that I am trying to install. I am trying to
delete the old one and new one to start over and can not find a place to
delete both accounts. Could you please help me.
Thank You.

Vulgar magazine covers in plain sight of children

To whom it may concern, I was very offended today to see an extremely underdressed woman with a lot of cleavage on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue on my way past the magazine spinners heading to Secondhand Prose. I feel that the library should be a family friendly place and such vulgar material should be covered or located in a restricted area. I was very grateful that I did not have any children with me to see it as well. Personally, I don't think there is any reason that the library should waste money on such material at all, but if you do feel it necessary to spend our tax money on that garbage, please don't display for all to see. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Sincerly, Marie Quaranto

Book Renewal

I currently have a book checked out which is due June 1, '10. I was able to renew the book online as I have not finished reading it. I would like to know upto HOW MANY TIMES can I renew a book? Thank you for your assistance.



CPL Launches New Website

Welcome to our new website! We made sure that all of the things you love about stayed, and have added new features, such as RSS feeds, the ability to post your comments, and simplified navigation. We hope our blogs will encourage discussion about and with our community. While a great deal of work and consideration has gone into the design of the new website, we expect to make refinements and roll out new features, and we look forward to hearing from you how we can improve.

Click on My Account to register on the new website and start exploring!

Eva M. Davis, Director


how can i keep an overdue book

Who do you love? Share your favorite author.

Who is the writer you love the most? Share your very favorite author to earn your Love It badge. You can reply to this blog and tell us your best-loved scribe (and perhaps your top book by that author, too), or you can come in to the library and scribble the name down on a big heart for all the library to see. Or, you could do both!

Today, I became an American Citizen!

I saw a rabbit

Park and Read Passes

Since we have distributed our limit for passes this year, the 2012 Park and Read program at CPL is over.

The Michigan DNR Park and Read program allows library cardholders the ability to check out a one-day pass into any Michigan state park or recreation area in lieu of the $6 resident daily motor vehicle entrance permit. Many parks will also have a hammock available at no charge for Park and Read participants to borrow while on-site for the day so they can fully enjoy a great book in Michigan's great outdoors.

Park and Read passes are available for one week at a time and cannot be renewed.

Sources to Find Local Restaurants

There are a lot of options for going out to eat in Canton; from local favorites to international fare. If you're interested in what's available and what other foodies think about establishments, check out the following links:

Royal Wedding Tea

Planning to wake up at four o'clock in the morning to view the wedding of His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales with Miss Catherine Middleton?

Join us on Friday, April 29th from 2:00-4:00(PM!) for an Afternoon Tea. We'll dish about the Royal Wedding while eating wedding cake donated by the Back Home Bakery along with other goodies provided by the Friends of the Canton Public Library.

Fellow Royal Watchers, it will be too, too delightful to sip tea in our Purple Room decorated with wedding finery from "I Do", Too! Bridal.

Do say you'll come.

Renew Library Materials While on Vacation

You remembered to cancel the newspaper and mail delivery and to turn off the coffee pot and shut the garage door. What you forgot to do was...return your DVDs! Don't fret - you can renew library materials online at any time, from your hotel or vacation cottage. Or call (734-397-0999) during normal business hours to speak with someone at the Checkout Desk. (Our direct-dial automated renewal line is no longer available and the automated service will be discontinued September 1, 2009.)

Underated Anime

Okay, we need to get people more informed about this site. I say we announce the new URL next meeting, because that's probably the biggest reason there aren't a lot of people here. At least I think so.

Anyway, on to the topic, because we need a new one of those. What anime or manga do you think is underated and deserves more attention?

On the flip side, which anime do you think is overrated?

Personally, I think a lot of the anime with a 13 or less episode count don't get a lot of attention because it's not long enough to become popular,or to make a big impact. Which is really sad because there are a lot of anime, like Zombie-Loan, that are awesome, that don't get a lot of attention.
On the flip side, there are some really, really long anime that just need to DIE already. A lot of shounen anime, like One Piece and Bleach, just go on forever, and ever, and ever...They just need to END already. Luffy needs to find One Piece and Ichigo needs to...actually, that shows been going on so long I forget what Ichigo actually wants to accomplish.

So, your opinion?

Open Gaming - Jan 17

January 17, 3:30-5 p.m.
We supply the systems, games, and food, all you need to bring is your desire to play. We will have PS3, Wii, and XBox 360 games for you to choose from. Come for an hour or stay the whole time!

Found long lost Mr. Fluffy

listened to swedish hau5 party

Did Karate

my game that i made

Great Outdoors Month

Did you know that June is the Great Outdoors Month. Blue skies, cool breezes and blue lakes abound in Michigan, so take advantage of this and take a long walk, ride a bike, or go swimming or golfing. The opportunities are endless. Share your experience on CYS and earn an appropriate badge.