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Difficult Times, Difficult Choices

Eva Davis, DirectorThe 2010 library budget process has begun, and the economic news continues to worsen. The library board of trustees, library administration, and library staff have so far focused on making cuts that have the least impact on our service to you, but as the recession deepens, the sad truth is that you will begin to see an erosion in library services.

In 2009, we reduced the library budget by 10%--a combination of falling property values and the vote by the board of trustees in August 2008 to voluntarily lower the library millage rate to reduce the burden on our economically-stressed taxpayers. In 2010, we are facing an additional cut of 6% to 10%. The total cuts over these two years will total more than $1 million from the library's 2008 budget of $6.4 million. We can no longer avoid making cuts that will affect your experience at the library.

Why is library revenue declining?

  • About 93% of our revenue comes from property taxes; as property values have fallen, our property tax revenues have also declined. The voters of Canton originally approved a library funding rate of 2.0 mills, which has been eroded by Headlee to 1.5437 mills. In August of 2008, recognizing the toll that the recession was taking on our taxpayers, the library board voted to voluntarily reduce the library millage to 1.4980, cutting your taxes by $6 for every $100,000 in taxable value.
  • State revenue sharing has declined; while Public Act 89 of 1977 mandates state funding of $1.50 per capita for public libraries in Michigan, the actual amount the state budgeted for 2009 was $.96 per capita, and state budget cuts have taken that down even further, to $.92 per capita for 2009 and a projected $.85 per capita for 2010.
  • Interest on investments, county penal fine sharing, and donations to the library are also down compared to previous years.

The irony is that the library budget is declining while library usage has increased more than 25% since 2007. Over the last year we've reduced our spending on "behind the scenes" activities to minimize the impact on our public. We've streamlined our internal processes, reduced our headcount, eliminated redundancies and unnecessary steps, and pulled together as a team to come up with ways to continue serving you with excellence despite having less money. I am proud of my staff for their creativity and flexibility in facing these tough cuts. We have been able, for the most part, to continue to meet your expectations for excellent library service, and are the definition of "doing more with less."

For 2010 we must make further cuts to reach a balanced budget. We are looking at cutting our staffing, materials, programming, marketing, technology, and training lines, which means that for you, our public, there will be a noticeable difference. You'll see it in our programming, with fewer sessions and larger audience sizes. You'll see it in our collections, as we will not be able to purchase as many titles or copies of titles as we have in the past. You'll see it in our research offerings, as we cut expensive electronic subscriptions and magazines that we can no longer afford. You'll see it in increased wait times for checkout, longer lines at service desks, and longer hold times when you call us as we stretch our shrinking staff. We'll print fewer bookmarks, fewer Connections newsletters, and fewer flyers. We'll stretch our hardware and software, squeezing a few more years of service out of them to avoid replacement costs.

Please respond to this post with your comments on our 2010 budget. In a time where the library can no longer provide everything to which you are now accustomed, what do you think we should cut? What should we preserve? What is important to you, our library patrons? We want to hear from you!

Eva M. Davis, Director

Animanga Dates

The Animana Club dates can be found listed in our Program Calendar (along with the rest of our library programs).  If you have trouble you can use the searchbox at the bottom of the calendar to search for just "animanga".

How do I get started?

Welcome to the new forum! A lot is still under construction right now...Please play around and let us know what needs improving or fixing. Our old forum is here: if you want to view it.

Getting started:
You can use your CPL website username you have now, or you can create a whole new one. You can really have as many usernames as you want (only one though can be attached to your library card number to place holds, etc). Just go under "My Account".

This Website

This website does not match the quality of the Canton Public Library (nor the taxes that Canton residents pay for services). The site is clunky, unintuitive and difficult to navigate. It would be money well spent to hire a better web site development company to build a new site from the ground up.

Avenue Diner

Avenue diner -- on the North side of Michigan Avenue between Haggerty and Lilley -- is really quite excellent. The food is very fresh, and the atmosphere is the type of diner that you want to become a "regular" at.

I suggest the sweet potato fries Smile


Canton Parks

Brad disc golfing at Freedom Park
Canton Township prides itself on providing an excellent system of parks which offer a variety of activities for residents, plus a place for families to gather for picnics and other outdoor activities:

Top Three Things To Love About Canton

Tell us what you love the most about the Canton Community. Reply to this blog with your top three things in Canton and earn your Love It badge. You can sneak a few more than three in if you really want!

Cigarette smoking outside of library

Please move the ashtray and cigarette butt collectors farther from the entrance and book return. In their current locations, they encourage smokers to congregate at the entrance and near the bench. This is very unpleasant for those of us who do not smoke. Thank you!

Sailor Moon

Who else wants Sailor Moon at the library?! COME ON!! SPEAK UP!! PLEASEE!! Sad(


Not sure if this is a really random topic or not since it is related to anime/manga anyways. Tongue

Is anybody cosplaying this year? Does anyone have any plans to cosplay in the future? Is anybody too broke to cosplay? Are there any conventions that anybody wants to go to or are going to?

Tell everything about it here! Laughing out loud

Also, if anybody needs help on a cosplay they're working on, post your question here and we'll try to help you out.

Personally, I already have a list of people I want to cosplay. The first cosplay I ever did was Yuffie from FFVII: Advent Children. Right now I'm working on Vivi, the Kingdom Hearts II version.

I'd post my entire planning list here, but it's WAY too long, so I'll just put some notable ones:

- Edward Elric (FMA)
- Kagamine Len (Vocaloids)
- Haruhi Suzumiya (MHS)
- Hunni (OHSHC)
- Maka Albarn (Soul Eater)
- Patti Thompson (Soul Eater)
- Rikku (FFX-2)
- Roxas (KHII)
- Ryoma Echizen (Prince of Tennis)
- pre!Simon (TTGL)

I have groups for most of these, but the problem is I have no idea when I'm going to do any of them! Well, anyways - Your opinions and discussion on cosplay!

Book Recommendation Websites

I'm always looking for great new websites that I can use to find book recommendations. One of my favorites is BookBrowse. The main page of the website starts you right off with pictures and reviews of popular books. They have some great search features of course, but I rarely need to go much further than the first page. Does anyone else have a favorite website for book recommendations?

2011 Budget Process Underway for CPL

The budget outlook for the library remains bleak in 2011. As I wrote last year, the deepening recession and declining property values mean less money coming in to the library — 95% of our 2010 revenues come from taxes Canton property owners pay to support library programs, collections, and services — which means more cuts for the next several years.

In 2011, our budget will drop another $300,000, to $4.9 million, bringing our cumulative total cuts since 2008 to $1.6 million. $4.9 million is the size our budget was in 2004, when we served 15,000 fewer people, checked out 600,000 fewer items, and had 40% more staff.

The library board, library administration, and library staff have cut our budget from $6.5 million in 2008 to a proposed $4.9 million in 2011. The $1.6 million in cuts represents more than just a 25% drop in revenue — it represents fewer materials, fewer classes, fewer services, longer lines, longer phone holds, longer waits for popular materials, larger class sizes, and a staff who are stretched thin. We have made investments in equipment and technology to help us cope somewhat with fewer staff and increasing usage, and implemented efficiencies in our processes and workflows to save time and money. I cannot say enough about the hard work and positive attitudes of my coworkers.

Many area libraries are cutting daily hours, closing permanently on certain days, and instituting furlough days and staff layoffs. Many of you have spoken to me personally about the Troy Public Library's pending complete closure in June 2011, Wayne Public Library's permanent closures on Sundays and Mondays, reduced hours at Farmington Community Library and Garden City Public Library, and mandatory furlough days at Bloomfield Township Public Library, and your concern that CPL may be headed down this path. The honest truth is that we may — despite our best efforts to continue our services to families, children, parents, teens, business owners, job seekers, older adults, aspiring citizens, and returning students — be implementing some of these cost-cutting methods.

Work on the library's 2011 budget has begun, as has work on projections through 2013. The outlook is grim — we anticipate that our 2013 budget will take us back to our 2001 funding level of just over $4 million. The library board and I remain committed to making the tough decisions necessary to craft the required balanced budget. The draft budget will be presented to the library board at their August 19 meeting, and the budget hearing and vote will take place at their September 16 meeting. Both meetings begin at 7:30PM and are open to the public. We value your suggestions, opinions, and ideas as we continue to weather this financial storm.

Eva M. Davis
Eva M. Davis, Director

Naruto couples...

O.k. So I can't believe I'm going to ask this question...This is totally not what Naruto is about...but are there any couples you are rooting for in Naruto to end up together? I know there are some of you who think about nothing else. Come on; admit it. Tongue


How do I put on smileys when i cant do it?

Like the barfing one for instance.


I can click it but i cant spell it out like this


Watched Zoookeeper

New Badges for 2012

Connect Your Summer is back and better than ever, and with it are 12 new badges. Click on the badges below to see the reading, program, and activity recommendations from our staff experts for how to earn each badge. Once you've completed an experience, claim the badge online for a chance at some great prizes:

time-travel sleuth-it make-tracks love-it hands-on go-wild geek-out game-on curtains-up conquer-it chow-down be-well

Storm Damage to the CPL 7_11_2011

Hello. I had my camera with me yesterday when the big storm hit the CPL (7_11_2011).

The east side of the CPL roof had a portion of its (?) copper sheeting deposited on it after the main storm. It looked something like a crumpled-up piece of tin foil. Hopefully, you will see some images that I took of this destruction after the storm.

The images of the broken tree (this was a huge piece of an old tree limb, about 20 feet long, 30+ or so years old) are/were at my next door neighboor's back yard. This was also a result of the storm damage. What was remarkable about this tree limb falling where it did, is that it looked like it had been blown 20-30 feet away from the original tree (a photo or two may also be attached.)100_0322.jpg


New Gallery Feature

So, we've started to make some changes to freshen things up around here. We've now got a new gallery feature which is pretty sweet. It should atuomatically catch an image you put into a post and reproduce it in a viewable gallery. Check it out. It'll only take the first post in a thread though. The images in everything after that (the 'comments') won't transfer, so it means you'll need to start a new thread for each peice of artwork. You can find it right now by going to the link at the very top of the gallery forum topic page that says gallery-ish page. Let us know what you think!
Get directions for uploading your art here.

"My Mitten" Drawing Contest

Starting July 1st, enter our "My Mitten" Drawing Contest and show us what you love about Michigan. It could be your favorite place, your favorite people who live in Michigan, or even your favorite Michigan "thing" (cherries, automobiles, whatever you love!). Last day to enter is July 26th, with artwork being displayed in the library July 30th - August 11th for voting (one vote per person per day).

Contest Entry Form

Contest Rules

  1. Last day to enter: July 26th.
  2. Limit of one entry per person.
  3. Entries must be submitted on a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.
  4. Artwork must be your own. You may get inspiration from a book or online, but please do not copy someone else's art.
  5. Artwork will be displayed in the library from July 30th - August 11th, and voting will be done by you (one vote per person per day)!
  6. Prizes will be awarded in 5 different age categories: K-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th, 9th-10th, and 11th-12th grades.
  7. Winners will be announced August 17th at the End of CYS Party.
  8. All winners' entries, with consent, will be displayed on the CPL website.
  9. Last day to retrieve your submitted artwork will be August 31st.

I read Peter and the Starcatchers

Very interesting.