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Rebecca's Confirming Letter

Canton Public Library
1150 S. Canton Center Road
Canton, Michigan 48188
(313) 397-1000

June 2, 1980

Rebecca Denise Havenstein
32224 King Road
New Boston, MI 48164

Dear Mis Havenstein:

I am pleased to confirm our telephone conversation in which you accepted the position of Adult Services' Librarian at the Canton Public Library. In view of your experience, I am offering you an annual beginning salary of $15,500.

I look forward to seeing you at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, June 9 in the library. Please be prepared at that time to fill out necessary tax and employment forms.

Finally, let me welcome you to the team. With your able assistance, I am sure that we will do an excellent job of starting the Canton Public Library and making it a great library.


Deborah O'Connor
Head Librarian

Librarian shortage threatens services

Canton Observer
Thursday, February 18, 1988

Librarian shortage threatens services
By Susan Buck
staff writer

[Caption: 'If we should have even one librarian leave, we would have difficulties filling the position.' — Rebecca Havenstein-Coughlin, Canton Public Library]

Technology, pay scales and a decline in the popularity of public service jobs are creating a shortage of public librarians in the nation, experts say.

In the past five years, public libraries have seen a dwindling of job applicants especially in children's librarian positions and those positions that require extensive technical knowledge.

As computer databases, cassettes and compact discs join newspapers, magazines and books, the United States is confronting a shortage of public librarians to help sort through the glut of information.

New Assistant

Canton Observer
Volume 12 Number 86
Monday, May 18, 1987

New Assistant

Rebecca Havenstein-Coughlin has been appointed assistant director of the Canton Public Library. Her appointment to this newly created position became effective April 27, 1987

Havenstein-Coughlin began work at the Canton Public Library prior to its opening in October 1980. She earned her bachelor's degree in English language and literature from Eastern Michigan University and her master's in library science from University of Michigan.

Carol Kuchta, an adult services librarian at the Canton Public Library since January 1982, has assumed Havenstein-Coughlin's duties as head of the reference department. Kuchta received both bachelor's and master's degrees from University of Michigan.