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No Benefit

What possible benefit is there in setting aside a separate room - that has to be monitored - for adults to access pornography on the Internet? What possible good can come from this? What does this teach the children?

Is this all just an ego that says "I am more discerning than the rest of the country as to what the First Amendment says"? I will not use the Canton Library. I will strongly urge all my contacts within Canton to NOT support any millage for the library.

Jeanne Michelini

Off target

Your recent editorial on library computer Internet filters was off target. It's not about what "Big Brother" says. It's about what the community says. You, and our librarian, Jean Tabor, are in favor of turning down federal money (and using my taxes) to ensure adult access to pornography in the Canton Library. I don't think that reflects our community values. Since this is a quasi-tax, put it to a vote which would reflect our values, not just one person's. Meanwhile, as a 30-year resident, I've turned in my library card, and will actively campaign against any increase in library millage.

Tom Salapatek