Filters, firewalls and smarts will help

Via Transcription:

By Joanne Maliszewski
Staff Writer

Carl Miller, Canton Public Library information technology specialist, offers some suggestions for parents who are interested in protecting their children from inappropriate material as they surf the Internet. His first suggestion, get a good filter software program. Listed below are some suggestions, with three Miller considers top notch: Cyber Patrol, Cybersitter, Net Nanny and Safe Surf. Bess, which is the filter used by the library, is a proxy server.

Miller also suggests installing a firewall. "Is it like a lead door. It is something that keeps the fire (junk) out. It can determine what is good and what isn't good." He suggests using Zone Alarm, which is a free version. Another brand is McAffee. But firewalls are not filters. "They protect against people on the Internet getting into your computer," Miller said.

Computer owners should also invest in antivirus software to protect against viruses transmitted by email.

The following are some available filter products:
* Bess -
* Cyber Patrol -
* Cyber Snoop -
* Cybersitter -
* I-Gear -
* Library Channel -
* Net Nanny -
* Net Shepherd -
* On Guard -
* Safe Surf -
* Surfwatch ProServer -
* Surfwatch Add-On for MSII -
* Websense -
* X-Stop (client) -
* X-Stop Shadow -