Building Summary

On August 5, 1986 the voters of Canton passed a 2nd mill to finance the construction and operation of a new library (Bonds were sold through the Canton Township Building Authority who actually owns the library until 2002 when the bonds will be retired).

Osler/Milling Associates of Ann Arbor was the firm selected from among 37 architects who responded to the request for proposal. DeMaria Construction Co. was awarded the bid as the general contractor. Library Design was responsible for interiors.

In November, 1987 the land, seven and one half acres, was purchased from Mr. Rodney Campbell (of the Wilson family) as the site for the new library. The purchase price was $67,500.

Groundbreaking for the new library took place on November 3, 1987. The beautiful new library was completed and opened for the public on November 13, 1988.

The building statistics are as follows:
    DeMaria Construction Co.........................$3,257,817
    Osler/Milling Architects........................___195,000
  Total cost of building design and construction    $3,452,818
    (Which is equal to $110 per square foot)
    Library Design (Interior).......................$3,885,835
        Total including Interior                    $3,885,835
        (Interior costs are equal to $123 per square foot)

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