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Dinosaur Finger Puppets

Directions: Print out dinosaur finger puppets. Color and cut out each puppet on the dotted lines. Use a pencil to punch a hole through the center of the circles. Place your first two fingers through the holes of a puppet to form the legs. Make the puppet move by moving your fingers. You can tell a story with your puppets.

Brontosaurus (bront-a-SAWR-us)


Stegosaurus (steg-a-SAWR-us)



American History

General American History

Colonial History (1492-1775)

Phonics Links

Books for Parents

Better phonics and beyond in 5 minutes a day: phonics fun for kids and parents on the go by Lisa Deters — Puzzles, games and more

Big book of phonics for whole language by [authors: Ada Frischer, Joyce Adams, Michele Gunther — activities to teach children phonetic readiness skills

Tween Advisory Board

Fifth and sixth graders: join your friends at the Canton Public Library to let librarians know all about stuff that interests you. Tell us what kinds of books, movies, music, and websites you like and help out with different programs! Contact the library for more information about upcoming meetings.

Wax Hand Making

Celebrate Halloween with a permanent wax mold of your hand. Give to a friend as a creepy reminder of yourself, or keep it for your own. Online registration begins October 14.
Ages: 5th and 6th graders
Time: October 28 @ 7 - 8pm

Tween Book and Pizza Club


5th and 6th graders

Get together with other tweens, eat pizza & talk about a great book. After you're registered, visit the Children's Information Desk to check out a copy of the book.

September Meeting

Book: No More Dead Dogs by Gordon Korman
Date & Time: Sept. 13 @ 1 - 2pm
Register: beginning August 30

Fun Snacks for Tweens

Learn how to make a great list of snacks that are easy to make and healthy to eat! Online registration begins September 3. Ages: 5th and 6th graders
Date and Time: September 17 @ 5 - 5:45pm


General Facts

Animals and Plants

History and Landmarks

Bugs! (and other Creepy Crawlies)


Middle Ages and Renaissance

Every year, there is a huge assignment in the Canton middle schools to do a report on a Renaissance topic. Some of these sites are aimed at older students than what you normally find on the Kids pages, so the reading levels are higher.

Sixth Grade Books

The escape from home by Avi

Egg-drop blues by Jacqueline Turner Banks

The lost years of Merlin by T.A. Barron

The ghost in the mirror by John Bellairs ; completed by Brad Strickland

Fifth Grade Books

Also check out the Harry Potter series for great 5th Grade reads.

Where the red fern grows : the story of two dogs and a boy by Wilson Rawls

Titanic crossing by Barbara Williams

The Watsons go to Birmingham--1963 by a novel by Christopher Paul Curtis

Fourth Grade Books

Ramona's world by Beverly Cleary ; illustrated by Alan Tiegreen

The birthday room by Kevin Henkes

The Blue Hill Meadows by Cynthia Rylant ; illustrated by Ellen Beier

Frindle by Andrew Clements ; pictures by Brian Selznick

Third Grade Books

J Easy Fiction ADLERAdlerCam Jansen Mysteries
J Series BBerenstainBerenstain Bears Big Chapter Books
J Paperback BBlumeFudge-a-Mania
J Paperback BByarsBeans on the Roof
J Paperback CCatlingChocolate Touch
J Easy Fiction CHRISTIANChristianSebastian (Super Sleuth) Books
J Paperback CChristophe

Second Grade Books

J PaperbackAdlerCam Jansen
J Series AAmerican Girl Series
J Paperback BBauerAlison's Puppy
J Reader BBrennerThe Magic Box
J Paperback BBrownArthur Chapter Books
J Easy Fiction BULLERBullerSpace Mall
J Reader BByarsThe Golly S

First Grade Books

Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann

The story about Ping by Marjorie Flack and Kurt Wiese

Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish ; pictures by Fritz Siebel

Arthur's pet business by Marc Brown