If You Like Bible Fiction

Bible Fiction: Stories whose characters may not all be real people, and in which some of the events may be fiction, but are based on history, stories or prophecies from the Bible.
If you like Bible Fiction, try these books:

Faith of my fathers : a novel by Lynn Austin

Among the gods by Lynn Austin

Gods & Kings by Lynn Austin

Song of redemption : a novel by Lynn Austin

The handmaid and the carpenter: a novel by Elizabeth Berg

Meeting Minutes - June 17, 2010

The Chairperson, Colleen Van Auken, called the meeting to order at 7:33PM
Present: K. Schulz, M. Siegrist, G. Snow, C. Van Auken, D. Turner
Absent: J. Fausone
Also Present: E. Davis, K. Gladden

Call to Audience

No comments (K. Brandow, R. Havenstein-Coughlin, A. Heidemann, S. Rzetelny, N. Szczepanski, T. Towey)

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved as presented

Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the May 20 meeting were approved as presented


The Board members in attendance confirmed their receipt of email from Trustee Fausone.

The Board was presented with invitations to the Friends of the Library Annual Meeting.

Report of the Library Director

E. Davis reported that, due to problems with the sheet metal fabrication, the new sorting system would not be delivered until June 30, with installation scheduled for July 1.

Wayne County informed the township that the earliest that Summit Parkway would be closed at Canton Center would be around June 25; they also plan to make the south side of Civic Center Boulevard two-way within days of the Summit Parkway shutdown. They hope to wrap up construction on the west side of Canton Center by the end of July, when they will reopen Summit Parkway while closing down Palmer at Canton Center.

Old Business


Car Insurance and Credit Scores

Last Thursday (July 8, 2010), the Michigan Supreme Court brought down a 4-3 decision allowing insurance providers to use credit score data when calculating premiums for automotive and marine vehicle insurance. This practice has been explicitly legal in Michigan since 1997, and has been a matter of administrative, legislative, and legal scrutiny since at least 2002. For the purpose of research on this subject, here is a list of relevant articles and documents affecting the court's decision:

Unusual Book Club Fare

Canton Public Library book-club-in-a-bag suggestions.

Crow Lake [kit] by Mary Lawson

Daughter of fortune : a novel [kit] by Isabel Allende ; translated from the Spanish by Margaret Sayers Peden

Maisie Dobbs [kit] by Jacqueline Winspear

Plainsong [kit] by Kent Haruf

The shadow of the wind [kit] by Carlos Ruiz Zafón ; translated by Lucia Graves

Tough Guys

Fiction with strong male characters.

Storm front by Jim Butcher — A crime fighting wizard in modern day Chicago. (Book One in the Dresden Files Series)

Killing floor by Lee Child — Introducing Jack Reacher, an ex-military policeman accused of murder. (Book One in the Jack Reacher Series)

Brules : a novel by Harry Combs — A Western telling the story of mountain man Cat Brules.

Bringing out the dead by Joe Connelly — Frank Pierce is an EMS medic working in the harsh environment of Hell’s Kitchen.

Even More Chick Fic

The stand-in by Kate Clemens — Diva movie star Jayne Cooper needs to know how real people live to get a role. So when she stumbles across her look-alike Mary Lynn McLellan working as a cashier at the Food Barn, she convinces her to switch lives.

Undead and unwed by MaryJanice Davidson — Betsy Taylor’s birthday isn’t going well. She got laid off, her party was postponed, and she died. But when she wakes up in a coffin dressed in a cheap pink suit and knock-off shoes (where are her Manolo Blahniks?!?), she realizes her bad luck has just begun.

Diary of a provincial lady by E.M. Delafield ; with a preface by Mary Borden ; with illustrations by Arthur Watts — Published in 1931, the diarist’s (generally futile) attempts to balance her bank account, keep up with fashion and art, and deal with her husband and children make her Bridget Jones’ spiritual grandmother.