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Quick Links Parent Newsletter, Spring 2008

Discover a variety of fun and instructional web sites for families ages birth through early elementary

Go Green

Earth Day is April 22nd, and Spring is a great time to think about ways to teach our children about being a friend to the planet.

Mother Goose Day

Mother Goose Day is celebrated on May 1. Reintroduce yourself and your children to the wonderful rhymes and activities associated with Mother Goose.

  • The Mother Goose Society Informative site with information about Mother Goose and Mother Goose Day. Also provides recipes and crafts.
  • The Mother Goose Pages Includes an online listing of Mother Goose rhymes, artwork, reading tips, and a printable coloring book.
  • Kidspace Read some popular Mother Goose stories online, or have them read to you.
  • Mother Goose Games Enjoy some free online Mother Goose games with your child.

Michigan Week

May 17-23, 2008 is a time to celebrate our beautiful state. There are many wonderful places to explore and enjoy with your children, this week or throughout the year.

Spring Reading

Picture Books about Spring

Spring: Fingerplays

I'm a Little Flower Pot Sung to: "I'm a Little Teapot" I'm a little flower pot mom put out (point to self) If you take care of me, I will sprout. (nod head, point to self) When you water me, I will grow (make sprinkling motions w/right hand) Into a pretty flower, don't you know! (raise left hand slowly up from floor, make wide circle with hands or arms)

Counting Daffodils One little daffodil had nothing much to do, Out popped another one, and then there were two. Two little daffodils were smiling at a bee, Out popped another one, and then there were three. Three little daffodils were growing by the door, Out popped another one, and then there were four. Four little daffodils were glad to be alive, Out popped another one, and then there were five. Five little daffodils were wearing golden crowns, They danced in the breeze in green satin gowns.

Spring is All Around Me (Sung to"The Wheels on the Bus) Above my head I see the sun, see the sun, see the sun. Above my head I see the sun. Spring is all around me. Below my feet I see the grass... Above my head I see a bird... Below my feet I see a bug.... Above my head I see a cloud... Below my feet I see a worm....

Five Spring Flowers Five spring flowers, all in a row. The first one said, "We need rain to grow!" The second one said, "Oh my, we need water!" The third one said, "Yes, it is getting hotter!" The fourth one said, "I see clouds in the sky." The fifth one said, "I wonder why?"Then BOOM went the thunder And ZAP went the lightning! That springtime storm was really frightening! But the flowers weren't worried-no, no, no, no! The rain helped them to grow, grow, GROW!