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Manga Drawing Contest '09 Winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered our Manga Drawing Contest! We had an impressive 68 entries this year. Because we got so many we decided to divide it into three catagories: 5-6 grade, 7-9 grade, and 10-12 grade. We have included a few 'honorable mentions' the judges gave out, even though they do not win a prize, but if truth be told many more deserve 'honorable mention'; the drawings were amazing this year and judging was really tough. Later this week we will post a proper gallery with all participants' entries for people to see. Without futher ado, the winners are:

5-6 Grade:
1st Place - Jimmy Xue

2nd Place - Alice Wu

3rd Place - Freyja Hofler

Honorable Mention (no prize) - Rosa Chen

7-9 Grade:
1st Place - Rachel Xiang

2nd Place - Kevin Lee

3rd Place -  Helen Zhou

Honorable Mention (no prize) - Franky Hang

10-12 Grade:
1st Place - Melissa Wang

2nd Place - Rujia Zha

3rd Place - Laura Lou

Honorable Mention (no prize) - Shirley Wu

Honorable Mention (no prize) - Lulu Tang

1st Place Jimmy Xue Gr6 -Chibi Monster.jpg2.24 MB
2nd Place Alice Yuanrong Wu Gr5 -The Undersea Goddess .jpg2.19 MB
3rd Place Freyja Hofler Gr6 -Green Witch.jpg3.06 MB
Honorable Mention Rosa Chen Gr6 -Aqua-marine.jpg2.94 MB
1st Place Rachel Xiang Gr9 -Song of the Cherry Blossoms.jpg2.4 MB
2nd_Place_Kevin_Lee_Gr8_-The_Kevin_Chibi.jpg2.17 MB
3rd_Place_Helen_Zhou_Gr9_-A_Light_in_the_Darkness.jpg4.44 MB
Honorable_Mention_Franky_Hang_Gr9_-Heroic_Knight.jpg4.1 MB
1st_Place_Melissa_Wang_Gr10_-Banquet_of_Aquarius.jpg2.1 MB
2nd_Place_Rujia_Zha_Gr10_-Sweet_Dreams.jpg2.22 MB
3rd_Place_Laura_Luo_Gr10_-Moonlit_Reflection.jpg4.38 MB
Honorable_Mention_Shirley_Wu_Gr10_-An_Armful_of_Love_and_Lilies.jpg3 MB
Honorable_Mention_Lulu_Tang_Gr11-Down_the_Rabbit_Hole.jpg5.89 MB


Anne Heidemann
Tue, 2009-08-18 11:54

What a wealth of amazing artwork! I am so impressed - big kudos to all who participated!