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Site Redesign for New Logo

In January 2010 we will be rolling out our new logo, including in the Connections Newsletter and on our website. The new logo is different enough from our current mark to warrant changes to how our site looks overall. We've made a mock-up of the proposed changes available at

What You're Looking At

Same site, different colorsNo need to rock the boat — the now-familiar layout is worth keeping
Content-driven has great content. Visual design should draw attention to what's important
Easy eye travelColor and shape draw attention, but can also act as visual barriers. A consistent background means faster navigation and a more pleasurable experience
ConventionalDoes not equal boring. Links that look like links make life easier
Hide distractionsHide blog tags, but give the option to toggle them. Placement guides eyes down, not rightward
Action barVisually-solid area for catalog and chat reference. Chat uses "talk bubble" to meet expectations
More ActionBlog, forum, and feedback buttons on main and account pages to drive engagement
Please let us know what you think in the comments of this post. Thank you!