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How to Buy (and Recharge) a Copy Card

If you need to print at the library, this video will show you how to purchase a copy card and add funds to it as needed.
Transcript below:

Hi, I'm Colleen. We are going to purchase a copy card here at the library.
A copy card is different than your library card.

Purchasing a Card

To get a copy card you need a dollar bill – you can’t have anything larger, or no coins
And you put the dollar in the machine [The black machine to the left]
and actually George has to face the sorting room there [to the right]
Face up
And there you’ll see – whoop! – the card going on the floor
This is what the copy card looks like

Reloading Value on Cards

And sometimes you’ll need to add value to the copy card
The card itself costs a dollar: fifty cents for the card, and fifty cents is preloaded on the card itself
So you get five copies upfront
So if you need more money, you use the machine here. [The machine on the right]
You insert your card – the arrow facing the wall
And it will show you the value on here, which is fifty cents
And in order to add value you just put your dollar in the card machine here
Face up
And then you’ll see on the machine it says $1.50
In order to get the card out you press this black button
It’ll kinda tease you there; it comes out once and then it’ll come out twice
So you have $1.50 on the copy card
So you’re all set to go to pick up your print job!


Tue, 2011-01-25 16:56
Great video! It's very well done. Since there is no sound at the public stations and reference desk, can we also have a PDF version of the script linked to the video? Thanks!
Brad Czerniak
Tue, 2011-01-25 19:49
Good idea! I've added a transcript of the video to the body of the post.