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Thorndyke Thoughts

Hey Kids! Thorndyke here!  As you know, the Summer Reading theme this year is Get Creative @ Your Library.   I know some pretty creative people who work here at the library!  If you've finished your summer reading I'm sure you've seen the Get Creative Raffle cases filled with things made by library staff members.  And don't forget about all the creative things that are being planned for you and your families.  But if you happen to be at the library around 8:40 on Thursday nights, you might just hear one of my favorite creative library things.  It's when Miss Ruth sings the closing announcement.  Yup!  I said sing!  Now I realize that 8:40 is past some of your bedtimes, but if you ask nicely, maybe your parents will let you stay up late.  Because, let's face it, no parent can say "no" to a child who wants to be at the library!  Miss Ruth is a little shy, so she will probably be embarrassed that I told all of you her secret!   Oh well.  She is just one of the fun, creative, incredible people working here at the Canton Public Library.  Aren't we lucky?  Until next time!
Bear Hugs,