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  Do you like to travel?  My husband and I have enjoyed travelling over the last ten years.

     Two of our favorite spots are Ireland and the state of Hawaii.

      We went to Ireland with Kelly Tours in 2006.  We joined the second tour that visited three spots in

Northern Ireland.  This was of particular interest to me because my father was born in Belfast and lived

there until he was eighteen.  My husband and I watched 3 tapes which highlighted many interesting locations in Northern Ireland and Ireland.  The titles of these medias are Ireland, The Beauty of Ireland,

 and Discovering Ireland.

      We went to Hawaii in 2001.  One of our guides mentioned that Hawaii is a favorite vacation spot

because the weather is consistent year round.  One side of each island is rainy and one side is sunny

most of the time.  You can be on a bus tour and it may be raining very hard.  As you travel down the

road the rain just stops.  It does not taper off.  The rain just stops as you enter the dry side of the island.  One DVD we watched prior to our trip was Discovering Hawaii.

      Happy travelling!