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Thorndyke Thoughts

Hey Kids!
Now that it's getting warmer out, LB has gotten restless. Good thing he's getting to go to lots of different places! In fact, here are some pictures from one of his recent adventures. He traveled to Bonita Springs, FL with Miss Michele! He had a great time! He told me it was warm and sunny down there. So he did lots of swimming.
Looks like he also tried his hand at some alligator wrestling. But don't worry kids. I don't think that's a real alligator. I even checked out some library books about alligators to make sure. Yup! Alligators don't have handles.
As soon as he got home, LB packed up and headed off somewhere else. Here's a hint: You need a passport to get there and it's an island in the Caribbean. Think about it and check back next week to see if you were right. See you later alligator!
Bear Hugs!