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RV Season

 With spring coming, a lot of us are thinking about our gardens, flower beds and long leisurely walks in the early evening. Ahhh yes, finally! I'm also thinking about RV season and can't wait to see the "old home away from home" again. There are so many beautiful places to see right here in the US and doing it with an RV allows you and your family to discover  our beautiful landscape in a very affordable way. Granted, "roughing it without really roughing it" might not be for everyone and it does require you to be a little hands-on so it's a good idea to rent before you buy. (That's what we did.) Don't be surprised if you get hooked though. After several weekend trips all around Michigan, a few road trips up and down the east coast and even a six week cross-country trip to southern California with kids and dogs in tow, I can honestly say I'm really, (yes, teenage kids roll your eyes all you want, you're still coming along...and NO you can't be driving the truck yet) looking forward to another great season!