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Pirate Speak Answer Key

How'd ye do, me matey? Fer more scurvy pirate shout, check out 'tis glossary 'n 'tis jolly translator.

Th' Answers

He be gone to Davey Jones' locker

  1. He went to the saloon
  2. He went to a party
  3. He is dead
  4. He drank too much coffee

Shiver me timbers!

  1. I am so surprised
  2. My legs are cold
  3. Light the fire
  4. I need a haircut

Hang the jib!

  1. Go to the restroom
  2. A hand expression of peace
  3. To go fishing
  4. To frown


  1. Lights out
  2. Eyes
  3. A harbor town at night
  4. A pirate’s torch

Hempen halter

  1. To talk in one’s sleep
  2. Pipe tobacco
  3. The hangman’s noose
  4. To complain


  1. Goods seized by force
  2. a good friend
  3. a slipper
  4. really strong onion


  1. Shoot
  2. Stop
  3. Desperate
  4. Fat


  1. A dance
  2. An idiot
  3. Eat like a slob
  4. To cheat