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Graphic Novels

The Flash. Rebirth by Geoff Johns, writer ; Ethan Van Sciver, artist ; Brian Miller of Hi-Fi, Alex Sinclair, colorists ; Rob Leigh, letterer

Solomon's thieves. Vol. 1 by Jordan Mechner ; artwork by LeUyen Pham & Alex Puvilland ; color by Hilary Sycamore

The stuff of legend. Vol. 1. The dark by story by Mike Raicht & Brian Smith ; illustrated by Charles Paul Wilson III ; design & color by Jon Conkling & Michael DeVito

Marvel Zombies 4 by writer, Fred Van Lente ; artist, Kev Walker ; colorist, Jean-Francois Beaulieu ; letterer, VC's Rus Wooton ; cover artists, Greg Land & Arthur Suydam

Mercury by Hope Larson

Thor. Vol. 3 by writer, J. Michael Straczynski ; penciler, Marko Djurdjevic ; inkers, Danny Miki, with Mark Morales, Allen Martinez & Marko Djurdjevic ; colorists, Paul Mounts, Jelena Kevic Djurdjevic, Laura Martin & Christina Strain ; letterers, VC's Chris Eliopoulos, with Joe Sabino

The amazing Spider-Man : the gauntlet. Vol. 3. Vulture & Morbius by writers, Fred Van Lente & Greg Weisman, Tom Peyer, Mark Waid, Joe Kelly ; artists, Javier Rodriguez, Joe Quinones & Luke Ross, Paul Azaceta, Francis Portela ; penciler, Max Fiumara ; colorists, Joe Quinones & Rob Schwager, Andres Mossa, Fabio D'Auria, Chris Sotomayor ; letterers, Jared K. Fletcher, VC's Joe Caramagna, Rus Wooton ; web-heads, Bob Gale, Joe Kelly, Dan Slott, Fred Van Lente, Mark Waid & Zeb Wells

The amazing Spider-Man : the gauntlet. Vol. 2. Rhino & Mysterio by writers, Fred Van Lente, Joe Kelly, Dan Slott ; artists, Nick Dragotta, Max Fiumara, Javier Pulido, Marcos Martin ; pencilers, Barry Kitson, Michael Lark ; inker, Stefano Gaudiano ; colorists, Fabio D'Auria, Matt Hollingsworth, Jeromy Cox, Javier Rodriguez ; letters, VC's Joe Caramagna ; web-heads, Bob Gale, Joe Kelly, Dan Slott, Fred Van Lente, Mark Waid & Zeb Wells

Resistance. Vol. 1 by written by Carla Jablonski ; art by Leland Purvis ; color by Hilary Sycamore

Prime baby by Gene Luen Yang ; colors by Derek Kirk Kim

Ultimate Comics Spider-man by Brian Michael Bendis, writer ; David Lafuente, artist ; Justin Ponsor, colorist ; VC's Cory Petit, letterer

Captain America. Reborn by Ed Brubaker, writer ; Bryan Hitch, Butch Guice, artists ; Paul Mounts, colors ; VC's Joe Caramagna

How I made it to eighteen : a mostly true story by Tracy White

Wolverine : Weapon X. Vol. 2. Insane in the brain by writer, Jason Aaron ; artist, C.P. Smith ; penciler, Yanick Paquette ; inker, Michel Lacombe ; colorist, Nathan Fairbairn ; letters, Virtual Calligraphy's Cory Petit ; cover art, Adam Kubert, Justin Ponsor, Todd Doney & Morry Hollowell

Prince of Persia : before the sandstorm by Jordan Mechner ; art by Tom Fowler, David Lopez, Bernard Chang, Tommy Lee Edwards, Cameron Stewart, Niko Henrichon, Pete Pantazis, and Dave Stewart ; lettering by Rob Leigh and John Workman ; based on the screenplay written by Doug Miro & Carlos Bernard ; from a screen story by Jordan Mechner and Boaz Yakin

Batman & Robin : Batman reborn by written by Grant Morrison ; art by Frank Quitely, Philip Tan, with Jonathan Glapion ; colored by Alex Sinclair, Pete Pantazis ; lettered by Patrick Brosseau ; original series cover art by Frank Quitely, J.G. Jones, Andy Kubert, Tony S. Daniel, Philip Tan, with Jonathan Glapion ; Batman created by Bob Kane

Twilight : the graphic novel. Volume 1 by Stephenie Meyer ; art and adaptation by Young Kim

X-Men : Nation X by writers, Simon Spurrier, James Asmus, Chris Yost, Scott Snyder, C.B. Cebulski & Jim McCann, John Barber, Tim Fish, Becky Cloonan, Chuck Kim, Grace Randolph, Corey Lewis, Peter Milligan, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Ivan Brandon, Joe Caramagna ; artists, Leonard Kirk, Mike Allred, Michele Bertilorenzi, Mike Choi & Sonia Oback, Tim Fish, Becky Cloonan, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Karl Moline, Corey Lewis, Harvey Tolibao, Niko Henrichon ; colorists, Jay David Ramos, Laura Allred, Antonio Fabela, Nathan Fairbairn, John Rauch, Tim Piotrowski, Emily Warren, Morry Hollowell ; pencilers, David Lopez, James Harren, Rael Lyra ; letterers, VC's Joe Caramagna & Jared Fletcher with Corey Lewis ; cover artists, Alan Davis, Greg Land, Terry Dodson & Dustin Weaver

Superman : New Krypton. Vol. 3 by James Robinson & Greg Rucka, Geoff Johns with Richard Donner, writers ; Pete Woods, artist ; Rags Morales, penciller ; Mark Farmer, inker ; Brad Anderson, Edgar Delgado, colorists ; Steve Wands, Travis Lanham, letterers ; Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

The amazing Spider-Man : the gauntlet. Vol. 1. Electro & Sandman by writers, Dan Slott, Fred Van Lente, Mark Waid, Joe Kelly ; artists, Barry Kitson, Paul Azaceta, JM Ken Niimura, Javier Pulido, Stan Lee & Steve Ditko ; penciler, Adam Kubert ; inker, Mark Morales ; colorists, Dean White, Jeromy Cox, Dave Stewart, Javier Rodriguez ; letters, VC's Cory Petit, with JM Ken Niimura ; web-heads, Bob Gale, Joe Kelly, Dan Slott, Fred Van Lente, Mark Waid & Zeb Wells

The invincible Iron Man. Vol. 3. World's most wanted. Book 2 by writer, Matt Fraction ; artist, Salvador Larroca ; colors, Frank D'Armata ; letters, VC's Joe Caramagna

Dark Avengers. Vol. 2. Molecule Man by writer, Brian Michael Bendis ; artist, Mike Deodato ; color art, Rain Beredo ; painted pages, Greg Horn ; letterer, Virtual Calligraphy's Cory Petit ; cover art, Mike Deodato & Rain Beredo


Arata : the legend. Vol. 2 by story & art by Yuu Watase

Inuyasha. Vol. 49 by story and art by Rumiko Takahashi

Crimson hero. Vol. 13 by story & art by Mitsuba Takanashi

Slam Dunk. Vol. 10. Rebound King Sakuragi by story and art by Takehiko Inoue

Library wars : love & war. Vol. 1 by story & art by Kiiro Yumi ; original concept by Hiro Arikawa

Claymore. Vol. 16. The lamentation of the Earth by story and art by Norihiro Yagi

One Piece. Vol. 53. Natural born king by story and art by Eiichiro Oda

One Piece. Vol. 52. Roger and Rayleigh by story and art by Eiichiro Oda

One Piece. Vol. 51. The eleven supernovas by story and art by Eiichiro Oda

One Piece. Vol. 50. Arriving again by story and art by Eiichiro Oda

One Piece. Vol. 49. Nightmare Luffy by story and art by Eiichiro Oda

Vampire knight. Vol. 10 by story & art by Matsuri Hino

Bleach. Vol. 31. Don't kill my volupture by story and art by Tite Kubo

Wild ones. Vol. 10 by story & art by Kiyo Fujiwara

Naruto. Vol. 48. The cheering village by story & art by Masashi Kishimoto

Negima! Vol. 26 by Ken Akamatsu ; translated and adapted by Alethea Nibley and Athena Nibley ; lettering and retouch by Steve Palmer

Kobato. Vol. 2 by presented by Clamp

Kobato. Vol. 1 by presented by Clamp

Inuyasha. Vol. 48 by story and art by Rumiko Takahashi

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