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"The After Thanksgiving Sale" by Teen Creative Writer Mona Patel

25 talented Canton teens attended our Teen Creative Writing class this Summer. The class, graciously taught by Linda Papa, met five Saturdays from June to August. The end result was some wonderful writing, which we have the pleasure of sharing with you. This first piece, "The After Thanksgiving Sale," is by Mona Patel.

Photo and other original work (in audio and print) courtesy of Mona Patel and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

Text - "The After Thanksgiving Sale"

Every year, there is a sale called the “After Thanksgiving Sale.” It is the best time to buy the things you have been waiting so long for. The most expensive things come at the cheapest prices. Like a camera that would usually cost $150 with tax now costs, at the most, $100 and at the least, $50. It’s also the time when people get everything they need for college. My sister got her laptop for college in twelfth grade because that was the last “After Thanksgiving Sale” that was happening before she went to school in the fall.

It’s also the time when most people actually decide to wake up earlier than they normally do. People stand in line for hours the day before the actual sale to be the first ones to get there because the best things are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. I think that if there were things lined up outside a store that were free, people would be coming in large numbers to get them. I understand that you can get the best deals on the most expensive things in store and online, but people go too far when it comes to buying something for a cheap price.

Personally, I think that we are acting very irresponsibly. We spend like money grows on trees but when a sale comes, we become so greedy. We buy anything that we think will be of use to us in the future or that could be a great gift for someone. Once we buy it, it doesn’t take that long to realize that we leave it in a closet and don’t open that closet. We never see it again and when we do, we think it is trash and throw it away. So basically, right then and there, we just threw away money we stood in line for and wasted our time. That is how we are. We rush to the nearest sales and try to find a purpose for almost everything that meets our eye so that we can buy it and say that it was for good use.

We never stop to think about where that money is coming from or how much debt we are in. You probably won’t spend as much money when it comes to SALES but you do get tempted to buy anything that you can put your hands on. Stores are really good at making us feel good about ourselves when we wear their merchandise that we feel like everyone will think positively about us because we are wearing their merchandise. Truth is, as long as you are wearing the appropriate type of clothing to the appropriate occasions, you are taken seriously from the start; unless, of course, you say something that doesn’t really make any sense.

I think everyone has had those moments when they feel like they have to buy something even though it doesn’t have a very useful purpose. I know that I have felt that way about many things before and I still feel that way about the same things now, but I still know that I already have what I need with me, and that having what I want will make me even more greedy for other things in the future. Knowing that I don’t have something makes me feel better because I don’t feel too disappointed. It may not make that much sense, but after you experience it, you will know exactly how I feel.

So basically, the “After Thanksgiving Sale” is a big distraction. However, it can be a deal breaker. I t can get you things you never imagined you could afford with very little money. That is why in the last picture, there are a lot of people walking towards the same place. They are all on vacation for that one day and all they can think of is whether they are going to get what they came there for or not.

I also think that it is the only chance I will have to be able to afford a nice laptop with the money I have. My dad would never pay for a laptop like the one I plan on getting. Now that I think about it, he wouldn’t get me a laptop before twelfth grade. I actually got really lucky that I got to paint my room. We just bought the paint on August 5th. It is not the color that my dad approved of but it is pretty similar so he won’t be able to tell the difference. I didn’t really want the color he chose so I decided not to get that one.

Anyway, I would be really lucky if I got to buy a laptop of my own this October because I never get a chance to use the computer at home for fun purposes and I don’t get to spend that much time at the library to use their computers for things that aren’t for school purposes. That is why I want a laptop and the “After Thanksgiving Sale” would be perfect. I also am thinking about getting the cell phone of my choice but that’s only going to happen if I get really lucky.

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