Women in War

In honor of Women's History Month read about some of the heroic women who have served their country in various ways throughout our history:

Amelia Earhart's daughters: the wild and glorious story of American women aviators from World War II to the dawn of the space age by Leslie Haynsworth and David Toomey

American women in World War I: they also served by Lettie Gavin

Cast no shadows: the life of the American spy who changed the course of World War II by Mary S. Lovell

Florence Nightingale: the making of an icon by Mark Bostridge

Glory, passion, and principle: the story of eight remarkable women at the core of the American Revolution by Melissa Lukeman Bohrer

'Jacqueline': pioneer heroine of the Resistance by Stella King

A life in secrets: Vera Atkins and the missing agents of WWII by Sarah Helm

Masquerade: the life and times of Deborah Sampson, Continental soldier by Alfred F. Young

On their own: women journalists and the American experience in Vietnam by Joyce Hoffmann

Operatives, spies, and saboteurs: the unknown story of the men and women of World War II's OSS by Patrick K. O'Donnell

Our mothers' war: American women at home and at the Front during World War II by Emily Yellin

Southern lady, Yankee spy: the true story of Elizabeth Van Lew, a Union agent in the heart of the Confederacy by Elizabeth R. Varon

Spymistress: the true story of the greatest female secret agent of World War II by William Stevenson

They also served: American women in World War II by Olga Gruhzit-Hoyt

They fought like demons: women soldiers in the American Civil War by DeAnne Blanton and Lauren M. Cook

War torn: stories of war from the women reporters who covered Vietnam by Tad Bartimus ... [et al.] ; introduction by Gloria Emerson

We band of angels: the untold story of American nurses trapped on Bataan by the Japanese by Elizabeth M. Norman

We're in this war too: World War II letters from American women in uniform by [edited by] Judy Barrett Litoff, David C. Smith

A woman of valor: Clara Barton and the Civil War by Stephen B. Oates

Women heroes of World War II: 26 stories of espionage, sabotage, resistance, and rescue by Kathryn J. Atwood

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