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University of Michigan FRS Workshop: Just Like Me

This year at Canton Public Library, the University of Michigan's Museum of Natural History presents a series of three, fun Family Reading & Science workshops titled Just Like me: exploring culture, biology and the human experience. To tie in with their temporary exhibition at the museum called RACE: Are we so different? (February 2013-June 2013), they are focusing on and exploring how biology, anthropology, physics, geography and chemistry all play a part in race and culture.

We invite you to register for the first of three monthly workshops in the series titled What makes us different? What makes us the same?. The workshop takes place in the Community Room on Saturday, January 12, 2013, from 1:00-2:00 PM. You will learn that there is no biological marker for race, so why do we look so different on the outside? Families will learn about the biological reasons behind different skin colors and hair textures and explore other inherited genetic traits, like the ability to taste certain compounds. Families will also get to perform a DNA extraction. Workshops are designed for children ages 6-11, accompanied by an adult. Online registration begins December 26.