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TV shows about science… Or, if you like Cosmos…

The new Cosmos series with Neil deGrasse Tyson just wrapped up, so here are some suggestions for you to get your astrophysical fix.

Cosmos. Episode I [videodisc]: a personal journey by Cosmos Studios

What makes us human? [videodisc] by PBS

A brief history of time [videodisc] by directed by Errol Morris

400 years of the telescope [videodisc]: a journey of science, technology and thought by producer and director, Kris Koenig

The inexplicable universe [videodisc]: unsolved mysteries by Neil deGrasse Tyson

The universe. The complete season five [videodisc] by produced by Flight 33 Productions for History Television Network productions

Cosmic voyage [videodisc] by a presentation of the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum and the Motorola Foundation

The Cosmos [videodisc]: a beginner's guide by produced by the Open University for BBC 2 ; produced by Paul Bader and Mark Jacobs ; directed by Louise V. Say, Paul Bader

The fabric of the Cosmos [videodisc] by directed by Alan Ritsko ; produced by Paula S. Apsell

The elegant universe [videodisc] by a Nova production for WGBH/Boston and Channel 4 in association with David Hickman Films ; written, produced and directed by Joseph McMaster

How the universe works [videodisc] by produced by Pioneer Productions for Discovery Channel

Journey of the universe [videodisc]: an epic story of cosmic, Earth, and human transformation by produced and directed by Patsy Northcutt, David Kennard ; written by Brian Thomas Swimme, Mary Evelyn Tucker ; Northcutt Productions ; InCA Productions

Stephen Hawking's universe [videodisc] volume 1 by producer, David Filkin ; director, Philip Martin