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Top 10 Reasons to Pick up a CPL Reusable Canvas Bag

It's back-to-school time--a great time to pick up one of our sturdy canvas tote bags. People use them not just at the library, but at the grocery store, at school and more. We present a top 10 list of why you should get one!
  1. Eco-friendly unbleached canvas
  2. Holds even the really, really big books
  3. Helps keep down the cost of gasoline and petroleum products
  4. Some stores give you a credit when you bring your own bag
  5. You'll save the lives of 14 million trees
  6. You can personalize it with decorations
  7. Makes a fabulous trick-or-treat bag and Halloween is right around the corner
  8. Long wide straps make it easy to carry
  9. It makes a great gift
  10. Only $2 while supplies last!