Thorndyke Thoughts: History Mysteries

Hey Kids,

One of my librarian friends told me about an event where she heard Marc Aronson give a talk about history. That might sound boring, but he wasn’t just talking about names and dates. If you like mysteries, investigations, questions and answers, following clues, and challenging what other people think, then you might like to try some of his books. Usually he writes for upper elementary (4th and 5th grades) or for middle schoolers, but your parents might even like these.

Ain't nothing but a man: my quest to find the real John Henry by Scott Reynolds Nelson with Marc Aronson — If you’ve heard of Paul Bunyan, maybe you’ve also heard of John Henry, the legendary man who beat a steam drill. Did you know he was a real person? In this story Scott Nelson tells about his discoveries of John Henry, the real man.

The griffin and the dinosaur: how Adrienne Mayor discovered a fascinating link between myth and science by Marc Aronson with Adrienne Mayor ; illustrated by Chris Muller — Dinosaurs have fascinated people for a long time, but even before people knew there were dinosaurs, they had found their bones and made up stories of what they must have been like.

If stones could speak: unlocking the secrets of Stonehenge by Marc Aronson ; with the generous cooperation of Mike Parker Pearson and the Riverside Project — Stonehenge is mysterious, but here is a story about how we can investigate even the strangest, and most mysterious things.

Master of deceit: J. Edgar Hoover and America in the age of lies by Marc Aronson — Not just about J. Edgar Hoover, this story looks at fear, politics, the FBI, and the research process itself.

You can find more by searching for author “Aronson, Marc” in our library catalog

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