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Thorndyke Thoughts

Hey Kids. LB is tells me his winter coat has started growing in because it was cold up in Mackinac City when he visited last weekend. Mackinac City is right at the tip of the Mitten where I-75 turns into the Mackinac Bridge. There's a lot to do there! LB spent a day biking around Mackinac Island. And now, he's curious about the kids who live there. So we looked online and found Mackinac Island Public School's website, which has lots of information about what it's like to live on the island year round. He went to the Fort on the island too and tried to fire the cannon, but decided it would be better to leave that to professionals. Once back on the mainland, LB spent his evenings stargazing at the Headlands, an international dark park, nearby. It's open all night and you can see so many stars! LB even saw some shooting ones. Now I've developed an interest in Astronomy. Good thing the library has so many books! I've got books to keep me busy for awhile. Until next time.

Bear Hugs!