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Thorndyke Thoughts

Hey Kids,
Well I did it. I earned all 12 badges! Have you earned them all yet? And can I just say how impressed I am with how well you all are doing with CYS? Totallyawesome, I love reading about all the games you are playing (I may have to try RISK2210) and the sci-fi and LEGO books you are reading. You must totally be geeking out. Michelle 5128, I think it is so cool that you are doing CYS while you are on vacation! I love all the pictures you post. Ikumu_yumeko, I am soooo impressed with all the many books you are reading. And tjrapson, good job reading all those books yourself. You will be a great reader some day. Rileyann117, I see that you have earned quite a few badges by doing the library activities. That's a great, fun way to earn badges!
I can't wait to see what other CYS participants do to earn badges. You have just over 2 weeks to do so... before the big exciting, stupendous End of Summer Reading Celebration. What's going to happen at the big party? Let's just say you don't want to miss it. Keep up the good work
Bear Hugs!