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Thorndyke Thoughts

Hey Kids, It's time for a Connect Your Summer Recap. I am so impressed at all the hard work you are doing! In the first month of Connect Your Summer, We have 2 participants who have earned over 300 badges! And we have 250 badge earners over all. That's a lot of badges! Keep up the super good work. I'm thinking I'd better start doing some catch up. You can see from my badge page that so far I've read 5 books and earned one of the SECRET badges (have you earned one of those yet?). That's one book a week, which isn't bad. My favorite read so far has been Wash-a-Bye Bear by Thomas Dochery. But watch out! I just checked out a nice big stack of books. I'll be earning badges left and right before you know it. My goal is to collect all the badges. What's your goal for the summer?
Bear Hugs!


Sun, 2013-07-07 13:03

my goal is to get as many badges as I can!

Sun, 2013-07-07 13:13

Colin2002--That's great! Smile Keep up the good work--you'll earn more chances to win prizes!