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Thorndyke Thoughts

ALOHA! If you haven't guessed yet, LB just got home from Hawaii. He visited the island of Oahu last week and had all kinds of adventures. He went to a Luau and saw fire dancers. He tried to climb a HUGE Kapok Tree at the Botanical Gardens. And he ate pineapple flavored ice cream at the Dole Plantation. That's where many of the pineapples we buy at the grocery store are grown. But he also took a trip to the Hawaii State Library to learn about Hawaii. (He's a pretty smart bear!) Did you know that some Hawaiians speak a different language? While LB was at the library, he saw an entire section of picture books written Hawaiiana. LB also learned that Hawaii is the only State that was once ruled by a King and Queen. He then toured the palace where Hawaii's last ruler, Princess Kaiulani lived. You can read about her here at the Canton Public Library too! But you'll have to wait for me to finish reading about her first. I think that might count as my Back in Time Badge. Hawaii sure sounds like fun!
Bear Hugs,