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Thorndyke Thoughts

Hey kids. Happy New Year! LB got to spend the New Year in Seattle. Which means he got to celebrate at midnight twice! Once when the ball dropped in New York (around 9:00 PM Seattle time) and then when it really became 12 midnight in Seattle. They don't drop a ball there, but they do set fireworks off of the Space Needle, which is pretty neat. He got to do some other cool things as well. He saw an entire garden made out of Christmas lights. And he got to meet King Tut. (What do you know about him? I learned from some books at the library that he became Pharaoh of Egypt when he was just 9 years old!) And then LB toured the Seattle Science and saw some Dinosaurs. And a toy train and village that reminded him of Turner Town. Whew! He was one busy bear. Knowing that you all go back to school on Monday, what did you do on your Christmas break? I'd love for you to tell me.

Bear Hugs!