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Thorndyke Thoughts

Hey kids, I told you LB was still at it. He just got home from his last trip for a while, a week in Chicago, Illinois. Now, LB's been to Chicago before (briefly) and I'm sure that many of you have been there too, being that it is so close. But I haven't, so most of what LB saw was new to me. First of all, LB got to take the train. It's the second time he's ridden one. I think LB just has to go on a cruise ship and he'll have experienced pretty much every type of transportation there is. And he got to meet Sue. Have you met Sue? She's big and has a very nice smile. She's a T-Rex skeleton at the Field Museum. And he spent a bit of time exploring Nacy Pier where he rode a ferris wheel and he went to the top of the Willis Tower. Apparently LB is not afraid of heights. He's been lots of places way up high! But I think he's ready to stay put for a while. I'm glad because it's been lonely around here without him.

Bear Hugs!