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Special Bag Sale

Secondhand Prose Book Store is having a special sale for the week of May 29-June 5. All paperback romance $4.00 a bag. See the Friends of the Library page for hours and details.


Wed, 2012-05-30 19:19
Regarding Large Print Books...A suggestion to assure better use of these wonderful books. Most folks that read large print books are probably (1) old and (2) have bad eyesight. If you could place the books in cases that begin where the top shelf ends and extend them up from there for the other two shelves the book covers could be idenified so the reader could have a greater selection. I bet the books on the top shelf get better circulation that the ones on the bottom and second shelves. If the older folks try and lower themselves down on their knees they stand a good chance of needing help to get back they have no clue as to what books are on the lower and middle shelves. I thank you very much for providing books that I and others like me with poor eyesight can read. I still have a few to read that are on the top shelf. The large print books are a true blessing. Thanks.
Wed, 2012-05-30 19:27
Regarding the large print book section... The large print books on the lower and second shelves would receive greater circulation if they were higher up off the floor. Most people that read them are (1) old and (2) have poor eyesight. They can't read the authors and titles of the books on the lower shelves. If they try and lower themselves down to the level where they can read the titles they find it very difficult to get back up again without some help. Thanks for providing these specially printed books. They are a Godsend to we who have poor eyesight. Just wish I knew the names and authors of those books on the lower and middle bookcases. Thanks.