Heavenly Reads; Books About Heaven

Heaven awaits the bride by Anna Rountree — Anna Roundtree was caught up in multiple heavenly visions and became a bride of Christ in Heaven. Full of heavenly lessons, this is a very inspiring read.

To heaven and back: a doctor's extraordiary account of her death, heaven, angels, and life again: a true story by Mary C. Neal — In this life summary, a level headed Presbyterian doctor nearly dies on her kayak adventure and gains an education in paradise.

My journey to heaven: what I saw and how it changed my life by Marvin J. Besteman with Lorilee Craker — This Ann Arbor resident, retired banker and grandfather had no idea he was about to get a short reprieve from his post-surgery pain in Heaven. Heavenly angels escort him, he converses (argues) with St. Peter, and recognizes friends and family members who touched his life.

Encountering heaven and the afterlife by James L. Garlow and Keith Wall — Combined true stories of after-life experiences, encounters with angels and the spiritual world told from a Christian perspective.

Heaven revealed: what is it like? what will we do?… and 11 other things you've wondered about by Paul Enns — Answering questions like "What will we do there?" and "What is it like?", theologian Dr. Paul Enns dives deep into the Scriptures while reflecting on the very personal nature of what is to come.

Proof of heaven: a neurosurgeon's journey into the afterlife by Eben Alexander

This neurosurgeon didn't believe in a literal Heaven until it actually happened to him.

My time in heaven: a true story of dying and coming back by Richard Sigmund

Brought back to life on the way to the morgue after a tragic accident, Richard Sigmund was commissioned to talk about what he experienced.

Nine days in heaven: the vision of Marietta Davis by Dennis & Nolene Prince

Though this took place over 150 years ago, a modern English rendering makes it easy to understand. Marietta Davis had visions of both Heaven and Hell in a 9 day trance.

A place called heaven by Gary L. Wood

Gary Wood was an outstanding soloist who was preparing to teach the gospel in song by studying music at a Texas university. After an automobile accident, he spent 20 minutes in Heaven and was commanded by Jesus to make Him real to everyone he met.

Heaven is for real: a little boy's astounding story of his trip to heaven and back by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent

A four year old child nearly dies of a ruptured appendix, sharing his visit to Heaven, and a knowledge of events that happened before he was born.

Return from tomorrow by George G. Ritchie, with Elizabeth Sherrill

                           A psychiatrist relates what happened when he "died" of pneumonia,    
                           meeting the Son of God and other non-physical beings at the door to 

Ordered to return: my life after dying by George G. Ritchie, Jr

Briefly re-tells the story of his near death experience as well as what happens after return to life, including real miracles seen in his practice as a physician and psychiatrist.


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