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Oxford Islamic Studies Database

What Everyone Needs to Know About Islam: book coverOxford Islamic Studies is now available on our database page and also via remote access with a Canton Library Card. This allows one to explore the Qur'an by chapter or specific location, compare and contrast translations line by line, or find the context in a concordance for almost any word in the text. Included are articles on the historic development of Islam and biographies of major figures impacting it. Chaptered works such as John Esposito's "What Everyone Needs to Know About Islam" are a separate section. Primary source documents include editorial commentary and historic context for important events. Images and maps provide perspectives on global Islam and feature articles examine current events. Learning resources, thematic guides, lesson plans, bibliographies and glossaries are also available for instructors or students. We hope this recent acquisition will help clarify any questions and provide any necessary edification on Islam and related topics.